Scheana Shay Seemingly Calls Out Stassi Schroeder Over Ozempic “Jokes,” Addresses Rumor She’s Using the Medication, Plus She Sets Up GoFundMe For Maui Relief

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Scheana Shay Calls Out Stassi Schroeder for Making “Jokes” About Using Ozempic After 2nd Baby, Addresses Rumor She's Using the Medication, Plus She Sets Up GoFundMe for Maui Relief

Scheana Shay seemingly called out Stassi Schroeder for making “jokes” about using Ozempic for weight loss after having her next baby, and she addressed rumors that she is taking it.

The Vanderpump Rules castmate also set up a GoFundMe page to help with relief efforts after the devastating fire in Maui, which reportedly took the lives of 99 people – making it one of the deadliest wildfires in the U.S. in over a century.

In a video shared by @stephwithdadeets via @bywighellodrama on Instagram, Stassi joked on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she “really want[s] to try” Ozempic after giving birth to her second child.

After laughing, she said, “I think it’s safe and healthy,” and perhaps even “good for you … like taking vitamins.”

Following the interview, Scheana hinted at certain “friends” of hers who’ve “made some jokes about it, [like], ‘Well after I have my next baby I’ll just get on Ozempic!'”

“I’m like, I don’t think that’s what it’s there for,” said Scheana on her Scheananigans podcast.

Addressing the rumor that Scheana herself is using the medication, the star shared, “I’ve even had people ask me currently if I’m on Ozempic, and I’m like, absolutely not. Wouldn’t do it. Not for me.”

According to a post shared by @bravosnarkside on Instagram, Scheana recently set up a GoFundMe page to benefit the relief efforts in Maui. At the time of the posting, Scheana had raised $1,000 of her $20,000 goal.

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Castmate Katie Maloney donated $500, and Scheana herself gave the same amount.