Brock Davies Fires Back at Raquel’s Podcast Interview as Ariana Madix Announces New Book Will Cover ‘Scandoval’ Drama & Relationship With Tom Sandoval, Plus Scheana Releases Music About Scandal

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Brock Davies Fires Back at Raquel's Podcast Interview as Ariana Madix Announces New Book Will Cover 'Scandoval' Drama & Relationship With Tom Sandoval, Plus Scheana Releases Music About Scandal

Just as Raquel Leviss accused her former Vanderpump Rules co-stars of capitalizing off ‘Scandoval’ while she got ostracized, the cast continues to do exactly just that. But first, Brock Davies is firing back at Raquel.

In Raquel’s bombshell three-part interview on Bethenny Frankel‘s Just B With Bethenny podcast, the 28-year-old insisted Brock’s wife Scheana Shay did indeed punch her in the face and left her with a permanent scar — something Scheana has adamantly denied.

In his Instagram Stories, Brock stated: “Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Glad you had something to say. Glad you got it off your chest. Hit them with part 4 baby girl.”

Brock then shared the link to the new song by Scheana Marie & The 27s, which is titled “Apples,” along with the caption “PART 4: HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES.”

The song touches on ‘Scandoval‘ and Scheana feeling betrayed by a friend — aka Raquel.

“I was with you on your worst day/You stabbed me in the worst way/How you gonna lie to my face?/And you said that we would always be friends/Party on the weekend/But then you’re gone without a trace,” sings Scheana. “I thought you were grateful/I found out you’re fake though/I hope there’s a place for friends like you.”

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In more Vanderpump Rules news, Ariana Madix, who experienced a betrayal from both boyfriend Tom Sandoval and friend Raquel following Tom and Raquel’s shocking affair, continues to make the best out of it. The 38-year-old Bravo star just announced the upcoming release of her new book, Single AF Cocktails.

In an Instagram post, Ariana explains the book, which is about cocktails, will cover the woes of her relationship with Tom — and of course the affair that broke the internet.

“These last few months have been a whirlwind and though I’m in a better place now, having my personal devastation unfold so publicly was painful. Through all the rumors and crazy headlines, everyone had their own hot take on what happened and I’ll forever be grateful for those who continue to support me through all of it. But now is the time that I’m fully telling my side of the story,” wrote Ariana.

She continued, “Bartending will always be my thing and my new book, SINGLE AF COCKTAILS, is my breakup album, the story of our relationship and the betrayal that ended it all, told through drinks.”

Ariana also stated that the book will be released on December 5, and she shared a link in her profile and told her supporters, “It would mean so much to me if you preordered it.”

Ariana added: “Each cocktail tells part of the story of what happened, in my own words. From our happy honeymoon phase, the early issues in our relationship, to when everything broke, and finally, making it out the other side, stronger than before, I’ll cover it all. ”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is currently filming and is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.