RHOC Recap: Gina Confronts Shannon Over CPS Rumor; Heather’s House Sells for $55 Million; Plus, Shannon Continues to Overshare About Her Relationship With John

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Gina Confronts Shannon Over CPS Rumor; Heather's House Sells for $55 Million; Plus, Shannon Continues to Overshare About Her Relationship With John

Most times, when someone becomes defensive, that means they are guilty of something or hiding something. This is certainly the case when it comes to Shannon on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Taylor‘s pumpkin carving party is the perfect setting for the ladies to work through issues, and Gina confronts Shannon about spreading C.P.S. untruths.

The Altmans (yes, the Million Dollar Listing couple) are paying a visit to the Dubrows to discuss the impending sale of Terry and Heather‘s home. However, until the buyer removes contingencies, the deal remains in escrow. Terry likens Josh to the “Terry Dubrow of real estate,” and when they find out this is the third-highest sale in the history of Orange County, Heather and Terry light up like Christmas trees.

The fun gets sucked out when they learn that they must be out of their home in three weeks, and Heather ponders if they could just stay in the house (since it’s big enough and the new buyers may not even notice). In real-time, we find out that the potential buyers signed for 55 million dollars. Heather’s daughter, Max, wonders if she could be flown privately back to school, and Heather just so happens to have a perfectly chilled bottle of champs to celebrate.

In the meantime, Taylor is busy phoning the ladies to invite them to her fall festival party. Carving pumpkins with this group sounds completely safe to me! Just give them plastic knives, please…

Emily is perusing the rows of motorcycles at Harley-Davidson’s, and we learn she is dead set on getting her motorcycle license. Emily admits that Shane is side car-sized (LOL), and when Gina comes to help her out, Gina is shocked that her friend wants to pursue this biking dream.

Gina then tells Emily the outrageous story about C.P.S. *apparently* getting involved with Gina’s DUI case. Although it is hurtful, Gina is happy Jenn told her that Shannon was spreading this rumor at her party. Emily and Gina agree that Shannon simply does not like Gina. Gina is exhausted about the number of times Shannon reminds the world she helped her through her darkest time, and she is now kicking herself that she accepted the assistance.

Shannon is busy getting her back scratched by John (much like someone would do to Archie the dog) when Tamra comes over. Tamra is stunned to see that John spent the night, and Shannon claims that although everyone is talking sh*t about their relationship, she and John are still good.

Shannon refuses to explain her relationship to anyone, YET she proceeds to open up to Tamra. Shannon says she gets upset about not spending enough time with John. John is an “avoider,” and Shannon shares that they’ve never even gone on a trip together. “There’s a part of me that says, is he really in it?” Shannon declares that this is no one’s business, but then again, Shannon overshares with Tamra that she doesn’t even talk about marriage with John. Red flag.

Speaking of marriage… Ryan states that his relationship with Jenn is “special.” As they prepare to go to a wedding, Ryan asks Jenn when she wants to get married. We see a clip of him looking at rings for Jenn, but Jenn is not sure he’s ready for this. Jenn thinks it’s scary to even think about it since someone else came between them “during a break” — very Ross and Rachel of them. Jenn reminds Ryan that this is real life, and Ryan promises to never put Jenn in a spot where she fails at marriage again.

While working out (RIP Cut Fitness), Tamra talks to Eddie about Heather’s recent “happy couple” paparazzi photos from Disneyland. The timing of these pictures surfacing is particularly interesting considering the recent rumors swirling about Terry cheating on Heather. Tamra insinuates that these pictures looked staged, considering Heather is no A-list celebrity getting stalked by paparazzi.

Shannon and Heather meet for some make-up drinks. Heather hopes to get to a better place with Shannon, but Shannon is doubtful of growth. Heather is baffled why Shannon is so annoyed with her, considering Shannon tells her sh*t with John to everyone. Heather has somehow become the guilty party in Shannon’s eyes, but she’s not going down before throwing Tamra under the bus, too.

Heather tells Shannon that Tamra is busy talking about her relationship with John, but Shannon glazes right over this tidbit of information and repeats that “it’s nobody’s business.”  Yet, everyone knows…? Heather gets teary-eyed because she never meant to sh*t talk or stir up drama, but Shannon ain’t buying it.  She even suggests that Heather add her fake crying to her IMDb. LOL.

On the way to Taylor’s pumpkin party, Teddi calls Tamra to “give her a heads up” about something discussed on their podcast. Teddi apparently went hard on Heather’s staged paparazzi pictures, considering paparazzi does not come to Orange County and you have to call them…. Great timing since Tamra is going to be spending the afternoon with her today #awkward.

The ladies gather in the pumpkin patch, and the C.P.S. rumor is the topic of everyone’s conversation since Shannon is (of course) late and the last to arrive at the event. They all admit that Shannon has brought this to another level, and Heather makes a great point: No one is allowed to talk about Shannon’s relationship, yet Shannon has no problem stooping low and dragging other people.

OF COURSE Tamra *doesn’t remember* hearing her bestie Shan say those things about Gina at the party…convenient… and when Shannon finally arrives, she can sense there is an elephant in the room. While carving pumpkins (terribly, I might add), Tamra leans over to let Shannon know about the recent C.P.S. drama she must navigate. Shannon begins denying it all, her MO. She immediately calls Jenn out and claims she would “NEVER” say something like that (cue production playing the flashback, where alas she DOES say that).

Based on Shannon’s reaction and her defensive tone, it is clear that she said this about Gina. Shannon freaks out and says she is “not allowed to talk about anything good” she did for Gina, but since when is C.P.S. considered good, Shannon? Gina 100% believes Jenn, and Jenn finds it fascinating that her “friend” Tamra is not standing up for her, since Tamra is sticking to forgetting Shannon saying this. Typical.

Emily is a good friend to have since she knows the legality of it all and shuts down Shannon’s ridiculous commentary. Gina is furious that Shannon would even insinuate that the authorities would remove her children because she is an unfit parent. Shannon is stressed out because people are talking about *her,* and she gets upset because, truthfully, she is in the hot seat. Shannon is lashing out and retaliating against Gina because she felt like she was getting attacked, and when Tamra reminds Shannon she said Travis had an alleged small penis, Shannon doesn’t know what to do with herself. Tamra then suggests the ladies just move on, but of course, she is the guiltiest of stirring the pot.

After kinda clearing the air, they sit down to eat when Tamra ruins the mood once again. Tamra brings up how Teddi made fun of her staged paparazzi pictures, and Heather goes from chuckling to being super p*ssed. Heather suggests that instead of making fun of her photos, Tamra calls Heather and asks her how she is doing amidst the cheating rumors. She has a point. This quickly resolves itself, and the conversation turns lighter. Gina passed all three of her online courses, and Heather talks about her Fireside network launch party.

Shannon, seemingly unable to celebrate the joys of others, excuses herself and leaves. Gina brushes off all the wrong things Shannon says and suggests that Gina needs to check herself into rehab since she clearly has a (convenient) problem of remembering what she says. The ladies joke that perhaps John has a “14-carat penis,” and I am certain once Shannon catches wind of this, there will be hell to pay…