PHOTO: See Jennifer Aydin’s Alleged Bruise From Danielle Fight, Plus Margaret Josephs Says Physical Altercation is “Unacceptable” as RHONJ Fans React

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PHOTO: RHONJ Fan Reveals Alleged Bruise on Jennifer Aydin From Danielle Fight, Plus Margaret Josephs Says Physical Altercation is “Unacceptable” as Fans React

Credit:, Instagram

A recent photo seemingly showed Jennifer Aydin’s bruise from her alleged fight with Danielle Cabral, which reportedly led to an investigation. Around the same time, fans slammed “hypocrite” Margaret Josephs for suggesting the incident was “unacceptable” given her past physical altercations.

According to reports, the investigation recently concluded, and both Danielle and Jennifer were allowed to continue filming Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Fan account @melissasoldnose shared a photo of Jennifer with what appears to be a bruise on her left ear.

“While Danielle is filming and celebrating her Boujie event, the bruise she left on Jennifer still remains!” wrote the account, via @allrhonjfacts on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Margaret suggested in an interview with Us Weekly that the fight was “unacceptable.”

“It’s gone too far,” she declared, “and I think it’s not necessary. We’re all grown adults. … We’re all grown women. Everyone has to be able to control themselves.”

“Things have evolved,” she went on to say. “We’ve evolved out of that, and as a collective, we’ve all discussed that. Also, we said we’re never doing that again.”

Later in the interview, Margaret took the time to plug her mocktail line, Soirée.

Some fans, however, were confused by Margaret’s holier-than-thou comments given the fact that she herself engaged in physical incidents on the show.

In one past scene, shared in a photo by @queensofbravo on Instagram, Margaret poured water on Danielle Staub‘s head in the midst of a fight. In another altercation, she aggressively shoved Danielle’s husband into a pool.

“Marge… lets get real,” wrote the account. Another fan added in the comments, “Marge literally thinks we all have short term memory loss.”

A different user added, “I think we have reached the Marge take down season.”

A third viewer expressed, “Marge is my least favorite. She is the most judgemental and her hands are never clean.”

Another fan stated, “Marge is such a hypocrite. She put her hands on a husband and pushed him in the pool. She has dumped water from a water bottle to Danielle. She talks lots of s**t and does low blows … She ain’t no saint and shouldn’t be talking.”