RHONY Recap: Sai Accuses Jessel of Lying and Questions Pavit’s Travel Plans as Brynn Throws Erin Under the Bus, Plus Jessel Shades Erin as a Pet Parrot and Ubah Hints at a New Relationship

by Julia Comments

RHONY Recap: Sai Accuses Jessel of Lying and Questions Pavit’s Travel Plans as Brynn Throws Erin Under the Bus, Plus Jessel Shades Erin as a Pet Parrot and Ubah Hints at a New Relationship

It seems like Jessel and Sai will never see eye to eye after this episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. While Erin and Sai try to meddle in Jessel’s marriage, Jessel is just trying to find a way to connect with them and prove she is not some entitled girl like they think she is. A softer side of Sai is shown when her aunt visits, and Ubah whispers about a new mystery man. Plus, Jenna heads to Scotland, and Brynn finally comes out of quarantine only to find herself playing catch up with all the recent drama.

Erin FaceTimes with Sai, and Sai fills her in on her awkward lunch with Jessel. Jessel, in the meantime, heads to Jenna’s apartment. We learn that Jenna is heading to Scotland as a guest of a brand, and she is bummed to be missing Erin’s couples’ night at Swingers (how apropos considering Erin JUST said she would consider swinging later in her marriage). Speaking of couples, Jessel shares that she did the deed with Pavit after 25 minutes of warming up… at least that’s what she told Sai.

Jessel explains that the reason she wanted to have lunch with Sai is because she felt a lot of tension, which was then heightened by Jessel being late to the restaurant. Sai is having a hard time with the fact that Jessel is trying to connect to her life, but there’s no way of truly connecting. Jenna realizes that Jessel just wants to be understood by Sai, but Sai is not giving that to her. Jessel is desperately trying with Sai, but it’s nearly impossible, especially when Jessel tries to relate an uncle to a mother.

While on the phone with Erin, Sai explains that Jessel’s husband is going to Vietnam to rack up points… which they both have a good laugh over. They have a hard time believing that Pavit would go there for only 24 hours, but what’s it to them?

Ubah is thrilled that these restaurants want to collab with her because of her hot sauce. She is amped to be able to create an Ubah dish at one of her favorite places, but she is not quite ready to have an investor; therefore, Ubah “the model” is the “sugar daddy” for Ubah Hot.

Sai’s aunt Sufia is visiting, and they share some laughs over Sai’s mom and the memories. Sai gifts her aunt with a book of her late mother’s art, which causes some emotions to stir. Sai’s mom was a very talented artist, and it is a nice moment, watching them connect.

Jenna is out eyeglass shopping with her son, Beckett. She is trying to squeeze in as much time with her son before she heads to Scotland, and luckily, with joint custody, it lines up perfectly. The duo splurge on some eyewear and call it a day.

It’s the night of Erin’s Swingers’ date, and Sai and David are the first to arrive. Sai ate prior to the event (because she knows Erin doesn’t feed her guests), and we learn that Brynn is still quarantining, but Ubah is coming along with Pavit and Jessel. Sai shares with the group that Jessel and Pavit finally had sex, whereas Abe and Erin do it all the time. Eye roll.

There is palpable tension in the air, and Jessel wonders if Sai doesn’t like her because she “dresses better” than her. Abe leans in and asks Pavit right away how his night at the Ritz was, and he then questions his quick Vietnam trip. They shake him down for answers, even though it’s none of their business, and Sai demands to know when he is planning on going. Pavit explains he will go once the tickets open up, which leaves Sai questioning Jessel, who said Pavit was going in the next few weeks. Tomayto… Tomahto…

Pavit retorts, “Have you ever flown international first class?” Pavit admits that this trip is two-fold — he wants to get away from his wife and kids, plus he can get miles. Sai cannot comprehend Pavit’s reasoning, and Jessel can’t get over why this group is so invested in her life, but alas, here we are, having Erin and Sai digging for answers.

Once alone, Erin asks Jessel how things are between her and Sai. Jessel feels as though Sai is “cold and negative” toward her, and when Sai returns, she reiterates that their lunch could have been a phone call. Sai states that Jessel is talking in circles, nothing makes sense, and there is no accountability. Jessel makes it clear that she was hoping that her experience would help connect them, and Ubah enters just at the right time to cut some of the tension.

Sai blurts out, “Ubah, sit down. We’re talking.” And then she goes right back to hammering Jessel. Sai claims to be “super offended” that Jessel shared a story about her alcoholic uncle in hopes of connecting that story to Sai’s mom. Jessel is promising that she never lies (although she DID say that Pavit was going to Vietnam in a few weeks…), and she says that she is over the mean girl stuff. Sai repeats that Jessel cannot answer a question and dances around everything, and Jessel refers to Erin as Sai’s pet parrot. Sai lets Jessel know she didn’t even want to go to lunch with her, yells that she is “over her,” and then storms off.

Jessel explains that Sai lacks empathy and she might not be wrong, especially when Sai continues to question Pavit and his Vietnam trip. Pavit can’t understand why people think this is a weird move, but of course, Erin claims she has “theories” about Pavit and Jessel’s relationship. Sai states that she is just being honest and saying the stuff that everybody else is thinking. She is going off to Erin, and Erin feels like Jessel is a liar, too.

As a palate cleanser from #pickonJesselandherhusband, Ubah wonders why she can’t keep a guy around for more than three days and asks the group how the guys knew their ladies were the one. The best part is, Ubah is keeping a secret that only Sai knows… Ubah is in a new relationship and is looking to take notes from the married couples.

David explains that humor and honesty are very important and states, “I have never met a woman in my life who is more honest than my wife.” Abe jumps in and states that he loves Erin because they don’t have a boring life, and then Pavit finally speaks. He calls life an adventure, and he says that being able to do what you love with someone you love is a plus. Erin turns this to mean Jessel lets Pavit do whatever he wants, and so she is running with that.

Later, Jessel hosts Brynn (fresh out of quarantine) and Jenna. Brynn is thankful that COVID has kept her safe from the drama and is looking forward to having her “creative black tie” birthday party, even though no one is quite sure wtf that means.

Jessel spills the tea about her recent issues with Sai, and how Sai has been talking about how offended she was that Jessel attempted to connect with her. Pavit comes into the convo and calls Sai bipolar, but Brynn, and even Jessel, feels like he should retract that statement. No one quite understands Sai, particularly Pavit. Brynn shares that Erin told her that Pavit said he likes Jessel cause she lets him do whatever he wants, plus he doesn’t even wear his wedding ring. Seems like Erin is trying to imply issues between Pavit and Jessel, especially because after reviewing the video footage of the actual statements made by Pavit, that is not true at all!

Jessel explains that Pavit is her best friend, and Jenna makes it clear that Jessel does not need to defend herself. Jenna calls this type of conversation fragile, and Brynn suggests that Jessel says, “Stay the f*ck out of my business,” the next time Sai meddles. Jessel calls Sai and Erin’s behavior mean girl bullying. Will she ever stop being the target of Erin and Sai’s conversations?