Shep Rose Confronts Austen Kroll Over Taylor Hookup in Southern Charm Preview, Calls His Narrative “Confusing” and Questions If He’s Telling The Truth as Austen Shares Why He Didn’t Tell Costars

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Shep Rose confronts Austen Kroll over Taylor hookup in Southern Charm preview, calls his narrative “confusing.”

Credit: Instagram

Shep Rose confronted Austen Kroll over his hookup with Shep’s ex Taylor Ann Green in a Southern Charm preview, called his narrative “confusing,” and questioned if he was telling the truth.

The kiss was controversial not only because Austen and Shep are good friends, but also because Taylor’s BFF is Austen’s ex, Olivia Flowers – who suggested in the latest episode that the hookup occurred when she and Austen were still talking.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, shared by @queensofbravo on Instagram, Shep called Austen’s narrative about the hookup “confusing,” and he said he knows what “kissing” means and what it turns into.

“Where’s the boundary?” Shep asked. “Like wives with families? Is that where we draw the line? … You know how much I love women … but I know where a line is, man. How does a kiss just end in a kiss? I just don’t see it.”

Austen then claimed (at the very least) that he and Olivia “weren’t speaking” at the time. He alleged the kiss happened “in a moment,” and both he and Taylor were in a period of “confusion” in their lives.

“But you didn’t think about anyone else, man,” replied Shep. He then stated in a confessional, “I feel like Austen wants everything. Wants, wants, wants. Take, take, take. And everyone else be damned.”

In his own confessional, Austen claimed that he and Taylor agreed that if anything ever “materialized” between them, they would “tell” their “friends” in the “appropriate manner.” Since nothing “materialized,” however, there was no reason to “hurt” their friends’ feelings.

“Poor judgment was made,” Austen told Shep. “I’m sorry for being weak.”

At this point, Shep said he didn’t want to lose Austen as a friend, and he admitted that his relationship with Taylor was over at the time. Before giving Austen a hug, Shep expressed that “hopefully” they’ll “figure out a way to get back to a better place.”

“I’m sorry, dude,” said Austen.

“I know,” replied Shep.

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