Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green Shares Updates With Olivia & Shep Amid Austen Hookup, Talks How Emotions Got the Best of Her After Shep Split, and New Man, as Leva Weighs in

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Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green Shares Updates With Olivia & Shep Amid Austen Hookup, Talks How Emotions Got the Best of Her After Shep Split, and New Man, as Leva Weighs in

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Taylor Ann Green knows she wasn’t at her best amid filming on the ninth season of Southern Charm.

During a couple of new interviews, Taylor, 28, spoke of her relationships with Austen Kroll, 36, and Shep Rose, 43, as she admitted to losing her cool with Craig Conover, 34, looked back on the moment she caught Shep trying to cheat on her with Southern Hospitality cast member Mia Alario, and offered an update on her friendship with Olivia Flowers, 31.

“You’ll see everything kind of comes to light, and it’s definitely a very rough start,” Taylor told Hollywood Life of her reported love triangles. “And I’m the one to blame here. So it’s very tough on myself, relationships, friendships, and then as time goes on, it’s a bit of a hilly ride. But hopefully, everything kind of comes to light. We’ll probably, obviously, revisit everything again at the reunion.”

As fans have seen in recent weeks, Taylor was rumored to have hooked up with Austen, who is not only a close friend of her ex-boyfriend Shep, but also the ex-boyfriend of her close friend Olivia. However, as Taylor confirmed, there has been no end to their friendship. In fact, they remain “good friends.”

“That line of communication with Olivia and I has been open. I think with things that transpired recently, we’ve been able to just kind of reconnect,” Taylor explained, seemingly giving a nod to the fact that they both tragically lost their brothers earlier this year before acknowledging they’ll “have to revisit some things at reunion.”

Also speaking to Hollywood Life, Leva Bonaparte, 44, admitted it was “tricky” to be the voice of reason.

“When you’re looking at Olivia and Taylor, I adore them both, so it got very tricky. I’m also a tough-love kind of person, I might say a bit too much too early or go in too hard,” she said. “That’s just how I friend, you know what I mean? I think we all just sort of did our best.”

According to Taylor, she hoped she could start off the season “really strong” and “independent,” and not be impacted by her breakup from Shep, but things didn’t exactly play out as planned.

“I let my emotions get the best out of me probably more times than I should have this year … [But] Shep and I are on good terms now,” she shared.

One particular moment in which Taylor’s emotions got the best of her played out on last week’s season nine premiere, which saw her at odds with Craig.

“That was the first time [Shep and I] saw each other in a while — it had probably been a couple months — and obviously I found out some things in the interim and it was pretty upsetting,” Taylor told PEOPLE on September 15. “I wanted to go in there just calm, cool and collected, and maybe sad for [Shep], but my emotions got the best of me.”

“I need to be zipped up and locked away,” she continued. “I feel like Craig and I had lost a friendship, and it was just kind of slowly pulling apart, and then that was just the cherry on top. There’s a lot of emotions happening.”

Also during her interview, Taylor said that just over a year after her and Shep’s messy split, she is dating someone new.

“He is very cute. He’s very sweet, and things are going really well,” she teased.

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.