RHONY Reunion Recap Part 1: Jessel Lays Into Sai & Erin for Bashing Her Marriage and Denies Moving to NY for Show as Ubah Accuses Certain Costars of Not Wanting Jenna on the Show and Labels Jenna a Victim

by Julia Comments

RHONY Reunion Recap Part 1: Jessel Lays Into Sai & Erin for Discussing Her Marriage and Denies Moving to NY for Show as Ubah Accuses Certain Costars of Not Wanting Jenna on the Show and Labels Jenna a Victim

It’s reunion day for The Real Housewives of New York City… or as some refer to it, fight club. Ubah has lost her sh*t, according to Brynn, and Andy points out that he can “say with confidence that no one has any idea what is in store for them.” There’s a lot of apologizing and a lot of making up, but that doesn’t mean all relationships are saved…

Erin is ready to be strong, Jenna is the first to rock jeans to a reunion (#JFL), and Sai has happily eaten so at least she won’t be hangry during the taping. Jessel‘s outfit was picked out by the seventh Housewife, Pavit, and Brynn refers to Andy as “Daddy.”  She then says what we are all thinking… she does look like a pilgrim — what an outfit choice! Ubah explains that this experience has been very scary for her, but she is happy to go through the journey with this group: the “new crop of RHONY,” who –let me be clear — are not and were not looking to ever replace the OG RHONY gals.

Erin has recently moved out of “up-and-coming” Tribeca (yas, Jessel), and she is now renting uptown. She has some great projects coming with work and mentions how she works with Frederik (from Million Dollar Listing), and she explains how he is exactly the person he is on TV IRL.

Ubah jumps in and says how she believes that the Jenna on TV is way different than real Jenna, the “powerhouse.” Jenna is a bit taken aback by this and explains that she just doesn’t enjoy jumping into other people’s issues. Andy caps this and hops back to Erin, who becomes emotional talking about her rough summer.

Erin feels like everything is all on her since her mother became sick, and she has since become the primary caregiver. We hear about her familial background, and it def explains why Erin is so Type A.

Erin laughs off the swinging comments made during the season and suddenly is not so into recruiting her friends for a night in bed. Erin admits that small brands asked to have their names put on her 10th-anniversary invites, hence the Coachella poster lewk. She takes a moment to defend her hostessing and claims that her party was a cocktail vibe, thus the lack of heavily passed food.

Erin is not quite sure what happened with Sai this season, especially after watching the season, and to that, Sai retorts, “You lie and you don’t own your sh*t.” According to Sai, everyone lies in the group. Sai is p*ssed that Erin went on a podcast and said that Sai complained about there only being cheese served at Erin’s house. Yes, my friends. We are back on that cheese bullsh*t again.

Ubah jumps in and says that Erin and Sai didn’t want Jenna on the show, and it is evident that Ubah came to play (but she should practice her timing a little better). Jenna looks as exhausted as we all do as Erin and Sai fight over who said what about cheese. Erin admits that sometimes she comes across as rude and crass. Perhaps she is simply just a gaslighter, as the ladies suggest.

We are reminded of how Jenna grew up feeling unseen and unattractive, and when the show started filming, Jenna had lost her mother only about six weeks before. It is still raw for her, and she felt very lost and alone when she was younger because she didn’t have a typical mother/daughter relationship. Jenna explains that she was very much on autopilot during filming until she felt love from certain people, like Jessel’s mom. Moments like that reminded her of what she was missing, but her mother simply couldn’t connect with her because of her Aspergers. She talks about how mothering her son has become a healing process for her.

Brynn speaks about the fan reactions to her opening up about her past, and Ubah gets emotional talking about fans she connected with over motherly relationships. Ubah tearfully says she would give anything to have her mother back after her death, and Sai claims that her mother’s trauma has not affected her parenting. Sai admits that she is broken on the inside but does her best to hide her emotions. Sai believes that she successfully puts on this mask, but Jessel lets Sai know that it was hard to get to know her. Sai explains that she doesn’t like to share her feelings (but she wanted everyone else to do so this season, and when they didn’t do it to her standards, she freaked out).

Sai and Ubah try to be Jenna’s hype girl — they remind her of all that she has accomplished, and Brynn feels like Jenna has been the most vulnerable this season. As of now, Jenna has a new lady in her life, and she simply glows when she shares the details. They have been together for quite some time, and she is very, very happy.

Erin apologizes to Jenna for Anguilla, and even Sai admits to being cackling hags toward Jenna on that girls’ trip (Jenna’s very first girls’ trip at age 54). Jenna defends herself and is a bit surprised for Brynn saying that Jenna’s gift-giving had a “sponsorship angle.” When asked if there was a double standard between Jenna and the other ladies, Brynn explains that she was angry at Erin for letting Jenna off the hook, whereas Erin held a grudge against Brynn for a while.

Why were the ladies so dismissive about Jenna’s anxieties? Suddenly the gang apologizes for being so hard on Jenna, and Erin claims, “This is a sorority — you have to get hazed.” We are reminded of Jenna’s birth name — Judith. Jessel backtracks from her utter disgust upon finding out Jenna’s name and claims that her favorite author is “Judith” Blume. LOL.

Ubah shares that she is still going strong with “Mr. Connecticut,” but he remains very mysterious. The ladies have met him, and they all sing his praises. Tall, handsome, and loving toward Ubah — all things one would want in a partner. When it comes to modeling, Ubah claims she doesn’t age, and this is the best age to be a model because it is more welcoming. Regarding Ubah Hot, Jenna believes that Ubah is on the right track with her product.

Sai gets called out for getting so mad at Brynn when SHE was the one who broke Ubah’s trust in her new man to begin with. Sai claims that she is harder on Brynn because they were very close. Brynn reminds Sai that Sai was the first one to share Ubah’s love life on camera. Sai does admit that she spilled the beans, but she still stands strong that Brynn should not have said anything at all. Sai was upset that she broke Ubah’s trust, and she simply took it out on Brynn.

Because of this issue, Sai and Brynn have not spoken for nearly six months. It didn’t help that Sai was talking smack about Brynn and the whole issue. Erin jumps in and tries to clarify that they made a pact not to bring up Ubah’s man on camera, and Andy wonders what the “circle of trust” is. Jessel laughs, saying it’s where Brynn, Sai, and Erin just talk about everyone.

Speaking of Jessel… she is a bit speechless about the way the ladies talked about her marriage in a “disgusting way” all season long. Erin denies insinuating Pavit was cheating on her, and Sai reminds Jessel that she was in a sexless marriage. Jessel wonders if Erin watches the show with a blindfold over her face because Erin was nothing but rude the entire season as she questioned their marriage.

Andy jumps back to Brynn and Sai, wondering where they are now and if they will be okay in the future. Sai gets nasty towards Brynn but feels like they are “fine” now. Brynn claims she has heard that Sai calls her a “slut and a whore,” and surprise, surprise, Sai denies this. Brynn lets Sai know that she doesn’t think about her and doesn’t need her as a friend.

Jessel put it all out there this season and shares that her sex life is much better these days. Andy wonders if Jessel regrets saying that, and Jessel states that is just where she was in her life at the time.

Jessel denies moving to New York for the show opportunity and shares that she had lived in New York for over a decade before moving to L.A. and then Texas.  She has been back in New York for almost a year and a half… which makes Andy scratch his head, considering that the math is mathing, and that was the same time casting for the show started. Interesting… but Jessel shrugs it off, claiming she is very nomadic.

Sai apologizes for commenting on Jessel’s marriage, but then blurts out, “From the outside looking in, it just doesn’t seem like you guys have a connection.” For a lady done commenting, she simply can’t seem to help herself, huh? Jessel gets upset when she talks about postpartum recovery, and she points fingers at Erin and Sai for implying Pavit is cheating on her. Naturally, Sai and Erin deny, deny, deny… but it’s not over yet. Part II of the reunion comes next week…