RHOBH Premiere Recap: Sutton Says PK May Have Been With a Woman During DUI, as Kyle & Mauricio Bicker Over Tattoos & Dorit Confronts Erika Over Marriage Diss and Talks Feeling Disconnected From PK

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Premiere Recap: Sutton Says PK May Have Been With a Woman During DUI, as Kyle & Mauricio Bicker Over Tattoos & Dorit Confronts Erika Over Marriage Diss and Talks Feeling Disconnected From PK

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is sure to shock and surprise us all. Friendships that were broken get mended, and legal woes are lifted. But a new kind of worry arises, and now Kyle‘s marriage is under a microscope. While everyone surmises what the issues are, we can always count on Sutton for saying it how it is: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” A lot of healing needs to happen, but not before the ladies head to a retreat and speak their minds.

PK is double-fisting potato chips until his mom, I mean, his wife, Dorit, comes and swipes them away from him. A spiritual healer then enters their house by the name of Eaglewoman. She is there to help the ladies work through their feelings so they can move on from last season. PK is unsure if this healer is going to be able to get through to this group, but shockingly, all the ladies have RSVPed yes to Dorit’s retreat.

On the day of the retreat in Malibu, Dorit holds a personal photoshoot, and it goes to show that SOME things never change. Sutton and Garcelle, the best duo ever, are a little nervous about what’s about to go down considering how things left off with the group. Kyle explains that since last year, her relationship has changed with everyone, and so she is also nervous about seeing the gang today. And Erika understands that in the past, she was a vicious version of herself, but she was merely doing it to stick up for herself. Now, Erika is all by herself since her bestie girl, Rinna, is no longer on the show. Hopefully, you also paused the episode to read that picture of Rinna’s “I quit” email.

When Erika arrives at the retreat, the ladies are going gaga over her weight loss. Erika claims she is so skinny due to “hormones,” and she denies being on Ozempic, but let’s be real. Eaglewoman begins a long speech about the importance of the eagle and loses the ladies’ attention completely until Dorit volunteers to be the first to air her grievances.

Everyone perks up when Dorit points her finger at Erika right away. She is p*ssed that Erika said that Dorit and PK were heading to “Splitsville” during BravoCon. A stoic Erika looks on until she finally states, “I gave those people what they wanted.” Erika explains that she was being a showman, but let’s call it what it is… she was being a b*tch. Erika then asks Dorit if her marriage is strong, and of course, Dorit defends it, which causes Erika to say then Dorit should have nothing to worry about.

Side note: Sutton comes through with the shade and a bombshell. She talks about a rumor she heard about PK’s DUI arrest and there being *another* woman in his car… but it’s just a rumor.

Erika defends herself by saying she needed a moment to catch her breath after being hit on all sides. She delivers a very rehearsed monologue about feeling low and hurt, but in the end, Erika finally apologizes. The ladies decide to give Erika a chance.

Kyle is the next to go, and she gets emotional all over again discussing last year’s reunion. She expected more from Dorit and Sutton and is upset that no one consoled her. Garcelle lets Kyle know that she was confused by her, but Kyle explains that she is not a punching bag. Kyle shares that she still gets affected by Kathy’s behaviors, and within the group, there is a lot of regret. Everyone ends the session with cheers and hugs, and so, apparently, Eaglewoman is a miracle worker. (Please note: Crystal is at this retreat. Enjoy seeing her smile a few times during these scenes cuz that is all we’re getting from her on this episode…)

Sutton is busier than ever, especially now that she has bought a horse. Sutton’s friend, Jennifer Tilly, visits her store, which has been open for nearly four years. Sutton is proud of having financial freedom, and she’s especially proud of her growth after the divorce. Spousal support comes with an anchor, and Sutton is excited to continue to build herself, by herself. Seems like she is doing pretty good to me…

Erika visits her therapist, who she has been with for the last 2.5 years. Erika explains that she was married to the most “unsupportive” human being, and now that he is indicted, she is trying to piece her life back together. She is happy to not be included in the indictment (although everyone has opinions on that), and they begin chatting about Tom’s imminent death, which is equal parts dark and creepy. I mean, why are they talking about it like he’s gonna die tomorrow? Erika realizes that she needs to be a better friend, but she can’t figure out how to have empathy or have emotions, for that matter.

A tinier than ever Kyle goes over to Dorit’s house and shares that she has been alcohol-free for 7.5 months. She wants to feel better and is finally back in a good place. Kyle is ready to have a backbone, and she is done getting mistreated by anyone (cough, cough Kathy).

Dorit tries to connect with Kyle over their difficult year and talks about the PTSD she has been experiencing after the break-in. Dorit shares that since the break-in, PK was in London quite often, leaving her feeling alone and like she needed more from him during the tough period. Dorit wonders out loud if marriages go through this sort of thing — periods of highs and lows — and Kyle responds by saying, “I’ve had those thoughts.” Kyle further states that life happens, and it could pull relationships apart, or it can bring people closer together. And this is clearly foreshadowing of what’s going down in Kyle’s marriage.

Garcelle’s twin sons are 15 now, and Garcelle realizes that quality time is hard to come by with them, especially since she has been going back and forth for a show in Atlanta. Garcelle opens a can of worms by asking her sons to discuss changes in the household, and she is definitely not prepared to hear what her son Jax has to say.

Garcelle feels like the boys aren’t letting her “parent” them, but Jax says he needed that from her two years ago… not now. Garcelle feels a gut punch when she hears this, and when he says he doesn’t need that much parenting anymore, Garcelle feels like a failure. She apologizes and realizes that she may have to alter her parenting style to be sure to meet his needs.

Later, at Kyle’s house, she rudely interrupts Mauricio while he is on a work call, and when he hangs up with his assistant, she laughs about him being “really booked up.” Kyle states that the couple has had a “challenging year” together, and she feels like the painful time in her life has changed her as a person — hence her new outlook on health and putting herself first. He compliments her physique and then begins the weirdest conversation about her tattoos, which sounds like a legit first-date question.

When Mauricio doesn’t even realize how many tattoos his wife has, Kyle suggests maybe he should be looking at her body more. Mauricio claims he “will not allow” Kyle to get any more tattoos, and to that, Kyle retorts, he doesn’t have a choice. Kyle states that she is irritated with Mauricio, and she is at a point in her life where she doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone. She has a new attitude and feels like she has no need to answer to anyone. When Mauricio warns Kyle not to be simply rebellious, Kyle calmly states, “I am not rebelling, I am just really clear.” Call it empowerment. Call it animosity. But we can agree that this is a marriage that is heading down a rocky path…