RHONJ’s Luis Ruelas Scores Victory in Court as Ex-Fiancée is Denied Restraining Order Against Him After “Stalking” Claims, Details Revealed as He Reacts to Legal Win

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Luis Ruelas’ “Obsessed” Ex-Fiancée Is Denied Restraining Order Against Him After “Stalking” Claims, Details Revealed as RHONJ Star Reacts to Legal Victory

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Luis Ruelas is off the hook in his ex-fiancée Vanessa Reiser‘s “stalking” case against him.

Several months after Vanessa filed a restraining order against the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 48, claiming he hired someone to spy on her, Luis is reacting to his court win as Vanessa insists the recent trial left her feeling “vindicated.”

“The court not only dismissed Ms. Reiser’s complaint and denied her application for a permanent restraining order, but also found that she was ‘obsessed’ with Mr. Ruelas, continuously bothering him and his family,” Luis’ attorney, Marco Laracca, claimed in an October 27 statement to Page Six. “In essence, the court held that the filing of the restraining order was akin to a publicity stunt. Louie was completely vindicated today and looks forward to putting this all behind him. We thank the court for its lengthy, well-reasoned and factually-supported opinion.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa’s attorney, Douglas Anton, said she is “relieved” over the findings of their trial.

“Our goal was always her protection by exposing the truth about Luis’ offensive conduct,” he stated. “Indeed, for her protection, we were ‘obsessed’ with proving Luis did this invasive thing, so that he never does it again. Vanessa feels completely vindicated and now protected by having outing him for this offensive conduct.”

As RHONJ fans may know, Vanessa, a licensed therapist, dated Luis from 2018 to 2020, just before he began dating Teresa Giudice, 51, who he wed in August 2022. And after they split, in addition to accusing him of becoming aggressive when denied sex, Vanessa suggested Luis hired a private investigator to “spy” on her at her job.

She was allegedly asked, “Do you still love Luis?” And, “How was it with your abuser?” She was also allegedly asked, “If [Ruelas] were to leave his wife [Giudice] and show any regret … would you want to be with him?”

While it was not shared what exactly “proved” that Luis hired someone during the trial, Vanessa’s lawyer said a CEO for investigator Bo Dietl issued testimony that “proved” he hired Bo to collect “information” — but not necessarily about Vanessa.

He also said Luis supposedly “gagged” witnesses, which gave the court “limited facts,” and that Luis “hid behind” the Fifth Amendment to not “incriminate himself.”

“While we stand firm that it was to harass, we shall have to wait for the truthful trial testimony of Bo Dietl’s and Luis’ agent on her criminal charges, for which probable cause by a judge has already been found,” Vanessa’s lawyer shared.

“Vanessa simply wants the whole truth to come out so that Luis stops,” he added.

Luis additionally spoke out through his and Teresa’s family attorney, James Leonard Jr.

“We won, they lost. Period, thats the end of it. The judge not only rejected their view of the case, she eviscerated it,” James stated. “Simply put, the court found that Vanessa Reiser was not credible, was not harassed by Mr. Ruelas and is not the victim that she has unsuccessfully portrayed herself to be.”

The court “correctly” identified Vanessa as “someone who has routinely and repeatedly violated court orders and has an insatiable obsession with Mr. Ruelas and Teresa Giudice that is fueled by a desire to promote herself, her business and her false narratives at all costs,” he added.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime in early 2024.