Olivia Flowers Addresses Being Seen With Tom Sandoval at Las Vegas Casino, ‘Bra Gate’ Controversy, Plus Ex Austen Kroll Apologizes for “Sl*t-Shaming” Comment

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Olivia Flowers Addresses Tom Sandoval Spotting at Las Vegas Casino, Talks ‘Bra Gate’ Controversy, Plus Ex Austen Kroll Apologizes for “Sl*t-Sham[ing]” Comment

Credit: Rich Polk/Bravo

Olivia Flowers addressed being spotted with Tom Sandoval at a Las Vegas casino amid BravoCon and leaving her bra at Austen Kroll’s house – which castmates discussed at length on the latest episode of Southern Charm.

Additionally, Austen apologized to the 31-year-old for his comments on the show, claiming he never meant to “sl*t-shame” Olivia.

During a BravoCon panel, Olivia addressed how she and Tom were spotted together after Tom’s infamous breakup with Ariana Madix.

Explaining the situation, the star claimed they were attending Paige DeSorbo‘s birthday party, and she and Tom “happened to leave at the same time.”

“I remember just walking through the casino and I heard ‘That’s Olivia and Sandoval,’ and I was like…s—,” she stated, via PEOPLE.

Olivia then denied any romantic involvement, claiming she’s a “big Ariana fan.”

During the same conference, Austen apologized for the way he referenced Olivia’s kiss with a baseball star during a past conversation with Rod Razavi on the show.

“I never meant it to come across that way, and I would never intend to sl*t-shame you, Olivia,” he said. “That was not my intention whatsoever. I thought I was kind of, in the moment, being like, ‘She’s seeing someone else.’ I didn’t mean for it to be that way, and I guess that’s tone-deaf on my part. And that’s my bad.”

Olivia also spoke to Us Weekly about leaving her bra at Austen’s house after he addressed it on the show.

“Oh, my goodness. I was just getting comfortable and [it was] the wrong place to get comfortable because the whole next day, the entire town of Charleston knew about it,” she said. “So, [I] won’t be doing that anymore.”

She went on to say, “The thing about it [is] everyone found out about the bra the next day. So if we hooked up, that would 100 percent be out there … If [there] was that much talk about a bra?”

Olivia’s castmate Venita Aspen claimed Charleston is “too small of a city” to keep a “spicy” rendezvous secret. “If you get what I’m saying,” she added.

“I whip my bra off all the time! If I’m at my girlfriend’s house and I’m like, ‘Oh, we’re watching the movie, I’m going to whip my bra off,’” added Leva Bonaparte. “I’m just going to be like, ‘I dunno. I don’t know how that works.’ Big boobs, whip the bra off!”

Addressing where she stands with Austen, Olivia expressed, “[It’s] always just such a roller-coaster. I think now, watching the episodes back, so much is happening and I’m learning a lot … It’s eye-opening and [I] can’t help but get frustrated when I see the conversations that are had when I’m not around. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have an effect on our friendship now, but it just depends on the day with him. I mean, he gets on my every last nerve, but I also enjoy his company, so it’s weird.”

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