RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin Responds to Rude Fan Question of Being ‘Up Teresa’s Butt’ at BravoCon as She Faces Backlash, & Discusses Brawl With Danielle Cabral & Marriage Update

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RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Responds To Rude Fan Question of Being 'Up Teresa's Butt' at BravoCon, & Discusses Brawl With Danielle Cabral & Marriage Update

Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo, Bravo

BravoCon was the talk of social media over the weekend, and Jennifer Aydin from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of the hottest topics as she clapped back at a fan who asked her a rude question.

Jennifer made headlines for how she responded to a rude question from a RHONJ fan at BravoCon. In the clip, a fan asks if it’s possible for Jennifer to be any further up Teressa’a back side. She responded by saying the fan didn’t know what the phrase ‘good friends’ meant and seemingly misgendered and body-shamed them at the RHONJ panel.

“First of all, let me enlighten you a little bit on what it’s like to have a good friend,” Jen fired back, via Decider. “I’m sorry you don’t have any good friends but good friends support each other all the time. And she supports me too.”

After Teresa tried and wasn’t successful in defending Jen, Jen yelled out, “Hey! Hey, big boy! Big boy with the big mouth. Teresa’s gonna say something to you.” Teresa then added, “I guess you don’t know what good friends — do you know what good friends stand for?”

Jennifer has since faced some backlash for how she responded with fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey being split in the comments. Some felt that it was rude for a cast member to speak to a fan in that way and accused her of body-shaming. However, others felt that the RHONJ fan was rude for asking the question.

But what we all have in common is wanting to know what truly happened between Jennifer and Danielle Cabral during filming.

The Bravo star spoke about the situation back in September that got her and Danielle suspended from filming. Of course, they were given written notices and were allowed to begin filming RHONJ again later that month.

However, since then, all involved have been silent regarding what exactly transpired between the two. Given that they were both temporarily suspended, it’s easy to assume that violence took place and the production company needed to do an investigation.

Now, Jennifer is talking to Entertainment Tonight about the situation and where she stands with Danielle. ET’s Brice Sander asked about their relationship, and Jennifer said, “Danielle currently is not a thing for me.” She continued, “Right now, I would just say that everybody’s just trying to stay in their lane, and we’re trying to concentrate on how great this is and that this is what it’s all about: being here with the fans.”

Moving on from discussing the fight with Danielle from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer talked about how things were going with her husband. As fans of RHONJ will recall, it was revealed on the show that her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, had been unfaithful. However, the couple is now “back with a vengeance.” Of course, Jennifer is also a mother of five children, so it’s important for her to focus on the positive.

Jennifer continued, “If anything, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been. 21 years, five kids… a happy home.” Bill was by her side during the interview and agreed with the sentiment. She ended by saying, “It’s about respect and letting things go and not holding a grudge, and when you move on from something, you truly move on. You don’t throw it in their face every time you get into an argument.”