Below Deck Captain Jason Chambers on “Gorgeous” Real Housewife He Kissed at BravoCon, & “Perfect” Chat With Lala Kent, Plus He Talks Lindsay Hubbard, & Gives Updates on Luke and Laura After Firing

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Below Deck Captain Jason Chambers on "Gorgeous" Real Housewife He Kissed at BravoCon, & “Perfect” Chat With Lala Kent, Plus He Talks Lindsay Hubbard, & Gives Updates on Luke and Laura After Firing

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

Below Deck Down Under‘s Captain Jason Chambers admittedly lapped up the attention he got from some of Bravo’s hottest reality stars over the weekend at BravoCon in Las Vegas.

In addition to kissing a Real Housewives star, enjoying a great conversation with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, 33, and sharing if he crossed paths with the newly single Summer House cast member Lindsay Hubbard, 37, Jason, 50, revealed where he stands with Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne, who were fired during Below Deck Down Under season two due to inappropriate sexual behavior.

“I’ve stayed in touch,” Jason confirmed to E! News on November 4. “Because we’ve all got the opportunity to grow from it. And you can’t just push everyone away as a captain. I need to actually hold on to those people. Even in season one, I kept on with the crew, always in contact and see how they are. You don’t want to set and forget. Everyone’s got an opportunity to grow.”

According to Aesha Scott, 31, she grew quite fond of Jason amid filming — especially due to his handling of the situation surrounding Luke and Laura, who exhibited nonconsensual behavior toward Margot Sisson and Adam Kodra, respectively, following a wild night of partying.

“Jason as a captain, I remember getting emotional after season two when I said goodbye,” she gushed, “because so much of him reminds of my father. He’s very understanding and he sees everything in everyone and how they can grow. He really wants to guide people and help them mature and become better people. So, he’ll never leave you stranded.”

After Lala expressed interest in meeting Jason at BravoCon, she confirmed the encounter had happened with a photo of the two of them on her Instagram page.

“Day 3,” she captioned the pic, along with an exhaling emoji and a check mark emoji.

Looking back at the interaction, as well as his interaction with others, Jason pointed out that he is “a bachelor.”

“I am on Bravo, so I’m going to lap it up [and] enjoy it,” Jason told Us Weekly on November 4. “I’ve met Lala [Kent]. We had a great chat. Olivia Flowers, [too].”

During the same interview, Aesha Scott confessed to facilitating the meeting between Jason and the Pump Rules cast member.

“I start the ball rolling with a lot of Jason’s things. I love to pawn him out to as many people as I can,” she joked, noting that she’s Team Lala because “it could be a little bit freaky.”

“Freaky’s good!” Jason replied.

According to Jason, he and Lala had the “perfect” conversation and discovered they are “very similar” in that they’re both single parents of daughters.

As for Lindsay, he confirmed he hadn’t yet met her.

“Look, I’ve only got a couple of arrows,” he noted.

While Jason enjoyed his time at BravoCon, he’s currently focused on yachting.

“I think I go into every season the same, or the two seasons, where I want to get to the end and have the best possible team that reflects our industry. And that’s where I set my targets and we had to make changes along the way,” he explained. “And we know the issues that happened over this season, but we just kicked on straight away and we’re too busy to reflect back on it ‘cause we want to get to that endgame.”

“Now we’ve looked back on it and we’ve seen it. We really feel like we did the right thing and I’m very confident [and] comfortable with what I did,” Jason continued. “I’m very comfortable [with] how I reacted to how Aesha was feeling. I just went off her [and] what was going on. I didn’t really see anything until the end. My first thing was just to remove the situation, have a good night’s sleep and reassess it in the morning.”

Regarding the Housewife he kissed, the woman in question was The Real Housewives of Dubai‘s Caroline Brooks, 38.

“I’ve already gotten in a little bit of trouble last night,” Caroline told E! News on November 3. “[Jason] kissed me. I guess I got lucky.”

“He was flirting with me first, so I flirted back,” Caroline recalled. “I went in for the Dubai double and then he went straight for the middle. And I was like, ‘Hello! Hi! Welcome to Las Vegas.'”

After Chanel Ayan joked that Caroline is “already in love” with Jason, Caroline clarified that “there was no tongue, it was just a peck.”

Meanwhile, Jason described Caroline as “wonderful” and said they shared a “goodbye kiss.”

“She’s absolutely gorgeous and she’s got a beautiful child too. I delved into the conversations,” he revealed.

And after the encounter, Caroline received a DM, which Jason said read, “Lovely to meet you last night.”