RHOM: Juanita Jordan Reacts to Larsa Pippen’s Relationship With Son Marcus, as Larsa Claps Back at Cardi B’s Doubts About Her Sex Life, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM: Juanita Jordan Reacts to Larsa Pippen's Relationship With Son Marcus, as Larsa Claps Back at Cardi B's Doubts About Her Sex Life, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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How does Juanita Jordan feel about The Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen dating her son Marcus Jordan?

The ex-wife of NBA legend Michael Jordan is making her feelings known as she reacted to a post shared by Larsa and Marcus.

Larsa, 49, and Marcus, 32, took to Instagram over the weekend to share a joint post of a photo of them posing together in Las Vegas at Bravocon.


Amid reports claiming Michael, 60, doesn’t approve of the relationship, Juanita, 64, decided to show love to both Larsa and Marcus as she shared a comment on their post.

“Son, you look so handsome & Larsa, you look so gorgeous, y’all look ???????????? together,” wrote Juanita.

However, the pair dating is still a bit controversial as Marcus’ father, Michael, played alongside Scottie Pippen on the Chicago Bulls.

Meanwhile, Larsa made news earlier this year because of her 20-year marriage to Scottie. During the season five reunion of the RHOM, Larsa made some pretty shocking claims to Andy Cohen. These claims resurfaced at BravoCon as people still have a hard time believing them.

During the reunion, Larsa stated that she and Scottie had sex four times a night while they were married, and she never had a day off. Of course, Andy and the rest of the cast members were flabbergasted because, let’s be honest, four times a night for 20 years is a lot.

Other celebrities have also chimed in on the RHOM star’s claims about her sex life with her former husband. Namely, grammy-winning rapper Cardi B isn’t buying the story and believes it’s embellished. Recently, Cardi B was on an Instagram Live and said there is “no way” that number is accurate.

Of course, this became a topic during the RHOM panel at BravoCon on November 4. The moderator asked Larsa what she thought about Cardi B’s comments, and she had this to say, “You know … how can someone comment on how many times I have sex, you guys? Like, she wasn’t in bed with us, so I don’t know. I kind of felt that was comical.” She ended by saying she thought it was funny.

Larsa’s RHOM cast members also had thoughts on the four times a night claim. Most seemed to be not completely convinced. Lisa, who was also on the panel, feels that she “probably” believes the claims. Kiki, who is the sex expert of the cast, feels a bit differently. She said, “I do think it’s possible. However, for 20 years? That’s a lot.”

However, Larsa continued to express that she was being honest about the amount of times she and Scottie had sex. According to PEOPLE, Larsa got married to the former Chicago Bulls player in 1997. He was 32, and she was 23 years old. The pair divorced in 2021, and they co-parent their children.

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