RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke Shares New Details on What Caused Meltdown at Magic Mike, & Fires Back at Erika Jayne for Saying She’s the “Worst Lay Ever”

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
RHOBH's Sutton Stracke Shares New Details on What Caused Magic Mike Meltdown, Reacts to Erika Saying She's the "Worst Lay Ever"

Credit: Jenny Kim/Charles Sykes/Bravo

Sutton Stracke is shedding new light on the meltdown she had amid the Magic Mike show on Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After storming out of the performance, claiming she was “offended” at the behavior, which went against her “brand,” Sutton, 52, admitted there was “something going on” in her “personal life” that caused her outburst and looked back at Erika Jayne‘s shady comment about her being the “worst lay ever.”

“I didn’t appreciate it when Erika said I wasn’t a good lay because she doesn’t know what I’m capable of behind closed doors,” Sutton told Us Weekly on November 9. “You just never know about somebody.”

Erika’s comment came after Sutton declared that if she were in a relationship, she’d be having sex twice a day, and after she stormed out of Magic Mike after seeing castmates Kyle Richards, 54, and Crystal Kung Minkoff, 40, with “men’s faces in their crotch.”

As for the reasoning behind her over-the-top reaction, Sutton said viewers will “find out … later on.”

“It doesn’t excuse my behavior, but it will explain my behavior,” she noted. “I hated watching it and I had a moment where I felt sorry for that person. I change a lot this season and I change after I go through something and I let go of something big in my life.”

That said, Sutton stands by the fact that she “didn’t like what [she] saw on stage.”

“I’m not going to let that part go. I didn’t like it, But I also, yes, did I make a bigger deal out of it than I should have? Yes. There were lots of things going on and I overreacted,” she explained. “I was uncomfortable with what I saw on stage and I overreacted. In retrospect, who cares? It’s a great show. The dancing is really great.”

Following Sutton’s meltdown, Garcelle Beauvais, 56, went to see what was wrong. But ultimately, what Sutton needed was a chance to regroup.

“Sometimes, you need a moment alone to calm down and get your brain together,” she stated. “What I was going through personally was going through my mind over everything else, and we’ll find out about that later in the season.”

According to Sutton, she was “not allowed” to tell her co-stars what was happening in her personal life at the time that they filmed the Sin City scene.

“It was really big. What I go through later is really big in my life, and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone in that moment, and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone for a few weeks truly at all,” she continued. “So, I was sort of off, and I just found out that morning.”

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