Denise Richards Says Lisa Rinna “Sacrificed” Their Friendship of 20 Years for RHOBH, Shares If She’d Return to Show, and Shades Vanity Fair’s Expose on Bravo as Bethenny Frankel Reacts

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Denise Richards Says Lisa Rinna "Sacrificed" Their Friendship of 20 Years for RHOBH, Shares If She’d Return to Show, and Shades Vanity Fair's Expose on Bravo as Bethenny Frankel Reacts

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Denise Richards addressed the end of her  20-year friendship with Lisa Rinna, who seemed to turn on the actress on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Brandi Glanville accused Denise of having an affair with her.

The Wild Things star also appeared to shade a recent Vanity Fair article as Bethenny Frankel suggested why the publication allegedly left “crumbs on the floor.”

In an interview for Bethenny’s Just B podcast, via PEOPLE, Denise addressed the situation with Lisa.

“My experience with Lisa Rinna was so bad that I thought, ‘OK, what would happen next season?'” she said. “I did have a s—- experience. … It wasn’t good with Lisa Rinna and it was sad to me.”

The actress went on to say, “I had a 20-year friendship with her, and to see how she could sacrifice a friendship of 20 years for a show that isn’t gonna last forever — obviously, she isn’t on it anymore — like, at what cost?”

Denise expressed her belief that she and Lisa would still have a friendship if Denise hadn’t joined the show. “I think that you learn a lot about people when you live with them, travel or work with them. I had never worked with Rinna before,” she said.

Regarding whether she’d consider returning to the show, Denise stated, “We’ll see whatever happens … I don’t know if they’ll ask me back, I just did a few episodes [as a guest in season 13]. I didn’t call to say, ‘Hey, can I come back?'”

She added, “After my second season, I also — because I wanted it to be real — thought, ‘How would [coming back] make sense, if all the women f—ing hate me?’ … Almost everyone did, except for Garcelle [Beauvais] and Sutton [Stracke], but everyone else was such an asshole to me.”

On the same podcast, in a clip shared by TV Deets on X (formerly known as Twitter), Denise seemingly shaded the recent Vanity Fair article, which exposed allegations of alcohol abuse and racism within the franchise.

“I was surprised by it,” said Denise. “Only because I didn’t understand the article. I didn’t think there … was new information. I didn’t know what the point of view of the article was because leading up to it, I did see stuff on social media that this big article was gonna come out.”

Bethenny, who was featured in the piece, said Vanity Fair “knows” they left “a lot of crumbs on the floor,” and she suggested that part of the reason is that Vanity Fair is owned by Warner Brothers, who also owns Shed Media — a company that produced Real Housewives of New York.

When Denise asked why the article was even created, Bethenny answered, “I don’t know.”