RHOM Stars Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura Fight at Airport After Alexia Confronted Adriana Over Comments, Find Out What Upset Alexia & What Went Down

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RHOM's Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura Got Into Fight at Airport After Alexia Confronted Adriana Over Comments, as Source Shares All the Details

Credit: Bravo, Bryan Steffy/Bravo

It seems drama from The Real Housewives of Miami isn’t contained to the filming of the show.

BravoCon was a bit ago, and upon returning, Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura reportedly got into a heated argument at the airport near baggage claim. Of course, this was in plain view, so other passengers saw the encounter. Now, more details are emerging regarding what caused the public spat between the two RHOM stars.

Multiple cast members from RHOM were on the same flight back to Miami from BravoCon in Las Vegas. Though there was no altercation on the plane ride, things became heated once they landed at Miami International Airport. Luckily, the fight only involved words and nothing physical happened.

According to Page Six, Alexia watched episodes of RHOM on the flight home and learned that Adriana had made some disparaging remarks about her family on the show. Adriana’s comments really bothered Alexia, and she wanted to get to the bottom of why she would say such things on RHOM when they were working on their friendship.

What upset Alexia the most was seeing Adriana say that she and her husband were unable to afford their upscale apartment. Additionally, Adriana stated on the show that they were having marital problems. This, of course, came after Adriana made an analogy last season about Alexia’s son’s accident that left him with brain injuries. Adriana apologized after those comments, which is also why Alexia was so caught off guard.

In February, Adriana stated, “I regret using the analogy.”

Upon being confronted at the airport, onlookers report that Adriana wanted to blame producers. However, a source shared, “Production does not make anybody do anything. It’s a lie that producers ask the cast to stir the pot. That’s not true.”

Adding fuel to the fire, an insider reported that Alexia sat next to RHOM co-star Julia Lemigova on the plane ride home. This made Adriana jealous as she was friends with Julia first.

The insider said, “Adriana is very jealous of Alexia’s new friendship and relationship with Julia.” Allegedly, Adriana “kept coming up to Julia” during the plane ride back to Miami.

Although the altercation never turned violent, RHOM’s Kiki helped defuse the situation between the two. According to sources, they have not spoken to each other since their public spat, and Adriana said, “Bye, a–hole,” to Alexia as she was leaving.