VIDEO: Larsa Pippen is Slammed Over Response to Guerdy’s Cancer Reveal and for Sharing the Information With RHOM Cast After Guerdy Asks Her Not to as Fans React

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Fans Slam Larsa Pippen’s “Disgusting” Reaction to Guerdy Abraira’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis in RHOM Preview, Plus Larsa Reveals Diagnosis to Castmates after Guerdy Asks Her Not To

Credit: Jeff Daly/Bravo

Fans are slamming Larsa Pippen over her shocking reaction to Guerdy Abraira’s breast cancer diagnosis from a preview for an upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Miami.

The scene picks up from the end of the previous episode when the two stars met up for lunch after Guerdy previously called Larsa the fakest castmate.

In the future clip, shared by @queensofbravo on Instagram, Guerdy revealed to Larsa that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“How am I supposed to know that?” said Larsa. “I mean, like, you have breast cancer? How do you know?”

Guerdy then wiped her tears and expressed, “Are you seriously asking me how I know I have breast cancer? It’s called a mammogram.”

Larsa eventually said she was “so sorry,” but then she immediately told Guerdy not to “put this whole situation on me.”

Guerdy shared her wish for Larsa to keep the information private as Guerdy hadn’t yet told her other friends.

“What if I went to TMZ and told them right now? Just kidding,” said Larsa at the end of the scene.

Unfortunately, Larsa decided later in the episode to tell Marysol Patton and Lisa Hochstein.

“I went to meet with Guerdy and I wanted to understand what I ever did for her to go public and say I was being fake, and before you know it, she’s like, ‘I have breast cancer,'” said Larsa.

When a shocked Lisa and Marysol asked about the stage of the cancer, Larsa answered, “It’s not crazy. She’s okay.”

Marysol then began to cry.

Fans soon reacted to the post, expressing disappointment in Larsa’s words.

“Larsa’s response and further actions are so offensive it’s disgusting,” wrote the account who shared the video.

“Wow… With friends like that, I’d rather have enemies,” wrote a different user.

“The real Larsa just showed her true self here… I’ve been saying it since the beginning,” said another.

A fourth fan added, “I don’t even know @guerdydesign personally & I feel I have more empathy & support for her than Larsa a supposed friend??? Let’s say ‘fake friend’. My ❤️ has ached for her throughout her journey.”

A fifth user expressed, “Larsa is not a gracious person so I’m not usually surprised at her cold reaction to stuff, but this is pretty bad.”