RHOP Recap: Nneka Makes Shocking Claims Against Wendy’s Mom and Insinuates She Put a Hex on Her, Plus Ashley Admits to Embellishing the Truth to Wendy About Nneka and Candiace Calls Ashley a Liar

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Nneka Makes Shocking Claims Against Wendy's Mom and Insinuates She Put a Hex on Her, Plus Ashley Admits to Embellishing the Truth to Wendy About Nneka and Candiace Calls Ashley a Liar

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley’s housewarming party is still underway, and so are the dramatics. Wendy picks and chooses who to invite to her sons’ communion brunch and is unapologetic about leaving some of the ladies out. Plus, Ashley comes clean about the truth of what Nneka really said about Wendy. But we later find out that Nneka knows more about Wendy and her family, particularly Wendy’s mom… and let’s just say we can only hope to stay on their good side and avoid hexes…

At Ashley’s party, Wendy learns (from Ashley) that Nneka is calling her family Osu. Wendy vehemently denies being an outcast and wonders what could be Nneka’s motive for this?

In the meantime, Robyn swears she is not running from her problems with Juan and makes that clear to Mia. Robyn talks about the “optics,” as Gizelle mentioned, but decides she would not ask Juan to do anything differently in his life. Speculations are not it, according to Robyn, and she claims her life is boring… a far cry from the drama everyone believes to be true about her marriage.

Karen suggests she chat with Robyn, something that has been a long time coming. Karen lays it down and explains that last year their “friendship” went down big time. Karen is deciding to move on and promises to only repeat facts, not rumors. Karen finds out that Robyn and Juan have a traditional (not open) marriage, and in the end, the ladies choose to just not talk about each other… period.

In the meantime, Wendy talks about her upcoming talk show and explains that her “education demographic” is going to be high. This offends Mia, and Wendy states that she is not cold toward her just because Mia threw a drink on her, but more so because Mia went on social media and attacked Wendy. Mia wonders how Wendy could talk about women’s empowerment, yet be so snarky, and Wendy lets Mia know that she is too “slow” to understand. Mia is immediately hurt by this. Wendy chooses to elevate the conversation instead of continuing to bicker with Mia.

Once inside, Wendy decides now would be the perfect time and place to extend an invitation for her sons’ communion to only *certain* people in the group, but she defends her decision of picking and choosing.

Later, Gizelle is out shopping with her daughter, Grace, who is about to graduate high school and head to college. They talk about prom and Grace’s scandalous dress and wonder how her father will react to it… all typical mother-daughter discussions.

Wendy and her husband, Eddie, are prepping for their sons’ communion. She attempts to explain why she will (also) be wearing white to the event, and we learn a bit about her background.  Wendy shares that she is the daughter of a preacher, but her parents divorced because her father was so into religion. They do a mock communion with Eddie as the priest, and Wendy is bursting because finally all of those Sunday school days have paid off.

Wendy explains that the housewarming at Ashley’s house was cool, but Nneka was talking about the article that claimed she was Osu. She didn’t appreciate Nneka questioning what type of doctor she is, and it is clear that Nneka and Wendy did not start off on the right foot.

Mia’s kids greet Karen with more love than Mia will ever get from Karen. Seems like their relationship has really bloomed… did I see a half hug hello? Mia explains that Gordon has stepped in for nanny duty (because they are broke and cannot afford one anymore due to all of the legal issues), and once the kids head out, Karen and Wendy are free to chat.

Karen points out that Wendy invited only certain people to her family event, and she can understand why Wendy decided to slight Robyn, who left her out last year. Mia explains that when Wendy called her slow at Ashley’s, she was very offended. Mia shares that her son has an IEP and she tries to speak positively toward him, rather than use the word “slow,” like Wendy said. Karen believes that Wendy is compassionate, and she didn’t know anything about her son’s situation when she made that comment toward Mia.

Candiace, who has a break from touring, meets up with Wendy and a new friend, Keiarna. Keiarna was actually around the show years ago and has now resurfaced. Wendy talks about Ashley’s housewarming event and fills them in about Nneka. Wendy then goes on to say Ashley was the one who told her Nneka was talking about her. Candiace reminds us all that Ashley is being messy once again. Speaking of Ashley, Wendy’s sons’ communion will be the first time Ashley will be around Candiace since the legal issues.

Karen and Ashley get together and shop for the upcoming communion. As they hunt for yellow ensembles, Karen wonders how Ashley will be in the presence of Candiace. Ashely explains that Candiace has made it clear she wants nothing to do with her, and she remains mum about the case since it is between Candiace and Michael.

Karen talks about her visit with Mia and shares that because Mia’s son has a speech impediment, Mia took serious offense to Wendy calling her slow. Ashley believes that Mia is overexaggerating about this, but that’s rich coming from the admitted over-exaggerator herself. Ashley comes right out and tells Karen that Nneka never technically said all that about Wendy. Nneka more so implied that Wendy was Osu, and Ashley “misremembered.” Ashley wants to set the record straight and clear things up with Wendy, but we better buckle up for that.

Communion day is here, and everyone really understood this yellow assignment. Wendy’s mom is in momma bear mode, and as the *chosen* ladies arrive, Wendy thanks them all for coming, and she particularly thanks Ashley and Candiace for putting aside their differences to celebrate. On a lighter note, Karen decides to invite everyone and their significant others for a pickleball game, which should be entertaining at the very least.

Ashley decides to set the record straight with Wendy and tries to clear up that Nneka never actually said that Wendy was Osu. The way Ashley delivers this misrepresentation with a smile is too much. Wendy is completely thrown off, but Candiace knows Ashley’s number. “Ashley is a liar. That’s why her forehead is so big, it’s full of lies.” Wendy can’t even process this information because she has to celebrate her sons.

In the meantime, Nneka sits down for a date with Robyn. Robyn is looking forward to forging a friendship with the new girl in the group, and Nneka explains that she kind of knows Wendy. In fact, Nneka claims that she has met Wendy before and that Wendy’s family has become upset because they feel like Nneka is using Wendy’s name to socialize with the group. According to Nneka, Wendy apparently wanted a restraining order against Nneka for saying she knew her, which def sounds crazy.

But not as crazy as what Nneka shares next. Apparently, Wendy’s mom called Nneka’s husband’s cousin and shared that she has a shrine. She told the cousin that it’s a sin to use someone’s name the way Nneka did, and Nneka worries that Wendy’s mom put a hex on her. Wendy’s mom further stated that she wants Nneka to check on the people she has prayed against because they are not doing well. Who knew that this lady was so powerful?! This is, culturally, not normal at all. Robyn wonders if Wendy’s mom put a hex on her and her marriage, which is funny, but something tells me this is going to become a much bigger thing in episodes to come…