Scheana Shay Slams Vanderpump Rules Costar for Being “Extremely Rude” to Fan at BravoCon, & Addresses Rumors of Forcing Fans to Buy Album Before Taking Pics

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Scheana Shay Seemingly Slams Pump Rules Co-Star for Being "Extremely Rude" at BravoCon, Says She Apologized on Their Behalf and Reacts to Claims of Forcing Fans to Buy Album Before Taking Pics

Scheana Shay seemingly took aim at one of her Vanderpump Rules castmates as she and guest Crystal Kung-Minkoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills discussed their time at BravoCon on the latest episode of her podcast.

After Crystal, 40, noted that she witnessed members of the Real Housewives of New York City cast being “rude,” which prompted Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers, 31, to call her “rude,” Scheana, 38, said that she witnessed one particular Bravolebrity “being so extremely rude” to a fan or staffer at the Las Vegas event.

“I went up to the person and I apologized on [the Bravo star’s] behalf because I was like, ‘I don’t want this to be a reflection on all of us. I am so sorry. None of this is your fault,’” Scheana recalled on the November 17 episode of Scheananigans, via Heavy. “It was just like — I was blown away. And then other people were supporting that behavior. And I was just like ‘What is happening right now? They’re doing the best they can.’”

According to Crystal, she does not “understand” Bravolebrities “who are not willing to give back” to fans.

“Get off your high horse. Who do you think you are? At some point, you could have been on that end. We’re all just the same people. And so when I saw that, I clocked it, and I was like ‘Okay those are not my people. I don’t like those people,’” Crystal said.

And these ladies aren’t the first to speak out. As Pump Rules fans may have seen, Jax Taylor, 44, shaded an unnamed Bravo star for their poor behavior toward fans on the November 10 episode of his podcast, When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany.

After confirming he “know[s] this person pretty well,” Jax said they should have been nicer.

“I was kind of like, ‘These people paid so much money to be there, to see you.’ There was one person in particular that I saw when I was walking by that was almost — couldn’t be bothered. That didn’t want to take a picture,” he revealed. “I’m like, ‘These people pay your bills.’ You’re not a talented actor where you’re signed by Paramount or Sony in a movie. That’s a whole different thing. You are solely here because the people want you here.”

Also on Scheananigans, per Heavy, Scheana fired back at recent rumors claiming she forced fans to buy her album, Good As Gold, before she would take a photo with them.

“I saw a bunch of rumors though that people were like, ‘Oh is it true that you wouldn’t take photos with anyone unless they bought a vinyl? How could you make people pay for photos?’ And I’m like, ‘Hold up, let’s just clear that up,’” Scheana stated.

Although she confirmed her album was for sale at the event, she insisted that buying it was not a requirement for photos, saying she was “taking photos with everyone, everywhere.”

“We do the photos ops where people just line up. They get their photos. It’s a very quick meet and greet. When I spent my time in the booth [selling records], I, obviously, was prioritizing people who bought vinyls and wanted them signed. And I was taking photos with them,” she shared. “And then anytime I had left over before I had to get to the next panel, or whatever, I would stop. I would take photos.”

That said, it wasn’t always possible to pose with fans.

“We’re being ushered with security to get from point A to point B as quick as possible. They don’t let me stop. And I will never say no to a photo. And anyone who has ever met me knows that I say yes to everything. So it’s like I’m having my team and security literally pulling me away. And I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, photo, photo!’” she said.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is set to premiere on Bravo in January 2024.