RHOBH Recap: Kyle Lashes Out at Sutton for Insinuating Mauricio Cheated on Her as She’s Also Questioned About Her New Ring, Plus Annemarie, Morgan, Cynthia & Camille Make Their Debut

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Lashes Out at Sutton for Insinuating Mauricio Cheated on Her as She’s Also Questioned About Her New Ring, Plus Annemarie, Morgan, Cynthia & Camille Make Their Debut

If any franchise knows how to throw a dinner party, it’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle hosts and brings in all the players: the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, Camille, and Denise. We even meet Annemarie, the newest addition to the group. But Sutton and Kyle can’t seem to get back on track, especially since Sutton believes Kyle is not being truthful about her marriage. After some pushing, prodding, and drinking (but not from newly sober Kyle), Garcelle and Sutton do their best to get answers from Kyle.

Dorit and Crystal arrive at Kyle’s house, and they stand around her kitchen island catching up. Did Kyle know these women were coming? Where is the spread? The plates? Anyway, things between Dorit and Garcelle seem to be smoothed over now that Dorit apologized, but Kyle shares that things are rocky with Sutton. Kyle thinks Sutton has been a little “off” lately, and then she proceeds to do an impersonation of Sutton doing an impersonation of Erika outside of the elevator.

Kyle is annoyed that Sutton felt as though Kyle was simply defending her “friend” Erika, and Dorit understands where Kyle is coming from with Sutton. Dorit claims that Sutton goes from zero to 60, and she insinuates that Sutton is a drinker and that she wouldn’t be surprised if Sutton poured a drink in the a.m. Crystal’s snark in the confessionals is so needed in the moment. When she said, “Just cuz Kyle stopped drinking yesterday doesn’t mean you can suddenly have all these judgments,” I couldn’t agree more. I mean, do we need to be reminded that last season a drunk Kyle grabbed Sutton?

Sutton and Garcelle meet for dinner, Sutton orders a drink (gasp), and then she pours her purse grapefruit juice into her vodka. They discuss Garcelle’s movie premiere, and Sutton explains that she doesn’t have much to talk about with Erika ever since the elevator/Magic Mike debacle.

Sutton lets Garcelle know that Kyle was a bit hurtful toward her, and that when Sutton pointed out that there may be something else going on with Kyle’s life, Kyle reacted. Did Sutton hit a nerve? Sutton, the detective, noticed Kyle wearing a sapphire and diamond ring, and she wonders where Kyle got that from. Garcelle is in awe of Sutton’s keen eye considering, “The only time I noticed jewelry was after the robbery Dorit still had hers.” BOOM.

It IS interesting that Kyle would have a new ring, considering how the news has been stating that Mauricio may be having an affair. Sutton is confused because she feels like Kyle is hiding something from her, and she thought she was Kyle’s friend…

Erika visits her manager, Alexis, who has “rejuvenated” her team. Erika’s manager talks real with her, and Erika understands her reputation is less than flattering. Her manager is hopeful she can get Erika’s career back on track, which I am certain makes Mikey, her creative director, rejoice.

Garcelle and Jax have a conversation over dinner regarding their relationship. Jax tells Garcelle that he knows the demise of his parents’ marriage was his dad’s fault because he looked it up when he was eight years old. The internet, man. Jax explains he was curious and realized that there was infidelity. Garcelle tried her hardest to shield her sons from that part of the marriage, and now she realizes they will have to help each other grow into new phases of parenting.

A long-haired tattooed lady graces our screens… and no it is not Kyle. It’s Morgan, Kyle’s new “friend” that she stalked, which is completely normal behavior… said no one ever. Kyle didn’t tell Mo that she was coming to the tattoo studio, but she DOES have Morgan there for support. The way Kyle looks at Morgan is interesting, and Morgan lets Kyle know that people are going to assume Kyle is having a midlife crisis.

Kyle looks up to Morgan’s IDGAF attitude and listens as Morgan lets Kyle know she shouldn’t have to feel pressure to host things like her upcoming THC/CBD dinner. Morgan states that when she got sober, she lost a lot of friends. Kyle and Morgan are like-minded, according to Kyle. “We like to work out, we don’t like to drink.” They hold hands while Kyle gets her sixth tattoo (count ‘em, Mo), and Kyle even jokes about getting a lightning bolt tattoo to match Morgan’s. Cuuuute.

After getting inked, Kyle pops in to see Mo and acts like a teenager who just did a bad thing. She admits she has yet to read all of Mauricio’s book, which is fascinating, and she eventually cops up about her new tat. Mo practically needs a magnifying glass to find his “love bean’s” new ink, and all I gotta say is the scenes between Kyle and her friend and Kyle and her husband give off two very different vibes…

Sutton is relying on her matchmaker AND Dorit to help her find Mr. Right. Sutton feels like Dorit is the perfect person to help pick her date because, after all, Dorit fell in love with PK… OMG, the shade. After reviewing a few profiles, Sutton finally agrees upon a date with one of the lucky bachelors.

Kyle FaceTimes Morgan and we learn that Kyle actually drew a K tattoo on Morgan’s arm the day Kyle got her tattoo. After all, what’s one more tat on Morgan, right??! It’s strange that Kyle is hosting a THC/CBD event considering she is now sober, but Kyle claims she is feeling peer pressured by the girls and is hoping that by smoking/eating weed, it will shut them all up.

The guests filter in: Faye Resnick and Justin Sylvester, followed by Annemarie, Kyle’s new friend… (I don’t see her tattooing a K on Annemarie’s arm, but I digress…). Annemarie is married to an ex-NFL player, and Kyle loves that she, too, works out six to seven days a week.

LOVE that Sutton brings Cynthia Bailey as her guest, and Crystal comes with her friend. Crystal knows Annemarie (kinda) and also knows that she is nosey and talks a lot. Move over, Dorit…

Kyle cackles when she lets Justin and Faye know that Camille and Denise are also on their way to the dinner, and the group is shocked to see these faces resurface. Faye steers clear of Camille and changes her place at the table, so she doesn’t have to be across from Camille.

The start of dinner gets put on hold when Sutton pulls Kyle aside to discuss their recent issues. Sutton explains that she WAS off the other day: she learned that her ex-husband is moving to London and was fearful he would take her son with him. It turns out Sutton will have sole custody of her son and will also receive more money from her ex, but it was a stressful situation. Kyle scoffs at Sutton and wonders if she is so out of touch that getting money and keeping your kid would rock your world. Kyle is finding it hard to give Sutton sympathy and sees Sutton’s behavior as an excuse. To that, Sutton flips it and reverses it on Kyle by asking what is Kyle’s excuse for essentially being an a*shole?

Crystal tries to reel the ladies back to the table, and Sutton walks away from Kyle, thus shutting down the conversation. Erika: “Where’s our hostess?” Sutton: “In denial about something.” When Kyle finally gets back to the table, Crystal asks to clear the air, which only makes things more uncomfortable. Kyle feels as though Sutton is making veiled threats, and Sutton reminds Kyle that she made fun of something personal she shared with her. Is Kyle just deflecting when she points out that Sutton doesn’t eat? Or is she just going low with Sutton?

Annemarie asks if there is something going on, and Garcelle takes one for Sutton and runs with it. She outright states that something may be going on in Kyle’s marriage, and she asks Kyle, “What’s with the new wedding band?” Sutton wonders why Kyle isn’t wearing her wedding band, and Garcelle asks if it was a makeup band like when your husband messes up and you get a gift.

Kyle lets the group know she bought the ring for herself, but finally, it clicks with Kyle. “So what you’re saying is that you think that my husband cheated on me?” Kyle reminds them all that she told them this is not their best married year and so this feels like a low blow. Garcelle tries to focus back on the REAL question, what is going on with your marriage… not who bought the ring. Kyle gets heated and tells Sutton that she “can’t afford to be depressed right now.” But… why???  To be continued…