Melissa Gorga’s Ex Business Partner Accuses Her of Using Envy for RHONJ Storyline & Not Buying the Clothes, Plus She Makes Other Claims Against Bravo Star

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Melissa Gorga’s Former Business Partner Claims She Was "Billed" for Melissa's Style Choices at Envy, Suggests Melissa Put No Money in Store but Used It as “Storyline”

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Melissa Gorga’s former business partner claimed she was “billed” for Melissa’s style choices at their Envy boutique, and suggested that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star put no money into the store – but used it as a “storyline.”

Many of Melissa’s former friends and cohorts have spoken out against her off-camera behavior, claiming she puts on an act for the show.

On the “Get Real with Kim D” podcast, shared in a clip by @realhousewifeofwestchester on InstagramJackie Beard Robinson shared details about her former working relationship with Melissa.

She first claimed that Melissa herself did not buy any of the clothes at Envy. “Not a buyer,” said Jackie, who suggested Melissa used the boutique as a “storyline.”

The partner said Melissa made all the decisions without informing Jackie, who was “billed” for it, and Melissa “absolutely” did not put cash into the project.

In a private message leaked in January, Jackie alleged Melissa was making strange purchases with the company’s credit card.

“She used the [store] cc for everything shoes, babysitting etc. And [the] best part, she refused to agree to post [on social media] at minimum [two times] per week… Now if that were her store and she was making money… She would be posting every week 10 [times] per week! She is a bit lazy, however, especially if it’s not all about her.”

She wrote in another message, “[Melissa] does not want to pay sales commissions or anyone more than [seven] dollars to work there. [You] get what [you] pay for.”

“They are so crooked,” Jackie continued, assumedly referring to Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga. “I’m still sad [and shocked] about how fake these two really are. They are evil … [but] these two are the only [castmates] who come out smelling like a rose.”