RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Accused of Lying About Owning Envy and Falsely Accusing Ex-Business Partner of Theft as Stylist Claims Store Sells “Fake Merch”

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RHONJ's Melissa Gorga Accused of Lying About Owning Envy, Falsely Accusing Ex-Business Partner Jackie of Theft, and Called "Crooked" as Stylist Claims Store Sells "Fake Merch"

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Melissa Gorga‘s former business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson, has put her on blast in a series of leaked Instagram DMs. She’s claiming that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star not only lied about owning Envy but also falsely accused her of stealing clothing from the store.

In the leaked messages shared on Twitter, Jackie gave her side of the story as a stylist came forward with claims of Melissa, who relocated her store from Montclair to Ridgewood in 2022, allegedly selling “fake” designer items at her boutique.

“Jackie Robinson was Melissa’s ex business partner in Envy. She says Melissa lied about owning Envy, and lied about her stealing clothes that actually belonged to Jackie,” a tweet from another woman explained.

“We paid for EVERYTHING. I DIDN’T STEAL MY OWN CLOTHING. WHEN I MOVED IT ALL OUT AND IF SHE HAD [one] red cent of her money in the store, she would’ve called the police… They were one block away from the Montclair store! Come on! She used the story cc for everything shoes, babysitting etc. And best part, she refused to agree to post at minimum [two times] per week… Now if that were her store and she was making money… She would be posting every week 10 [times] per week! She is a bit lazy however, especially if it’s not all about her!” Jackie had written in a private message on Instagram.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Accused of Lying About Owning Envy and Stealing Clothes

“Melissa’s ex business partner Jackie deserves some justice after she was lied about on national television,” read a second message, which included additional DMs from Jackie.

“Very costly to run clothing store especially during after Covid? She does not want to pay sales commissions or anyone more than [seven] dollars to work there. [You] get what [you] pay for,” Jackie wrote.

“They are so crooked,” she added in a second comment. “I’m still sad [and shocked] about how fake these two really are. They are evil. Bravo shows cause people so much pain hurt etc. These two are the only ones who come out smelling like a rose.”

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Accused of Being Crooked by Ex-Business Partner


And after the messages were shared, stylist Suzanne Daly spoke out about her own experiences with Melissa’s store.

“Of course … And [why] never show [Melissa at] store ‘working’/buying for her store?” she wondered. “Makes no sense seeing how hard it is owning a store … I still got stuff [with] tags on it from Envy … took clients there … Big mistake as a lot of fake merch … Something does add up [with] this store.”

Then, after the woman who shared the leaked DMs asked if everything was “[overpriced],” Suzanne continued.

“I’m a stylist so tried to support small boutiques but this was epic fail … My clients expect luxury not T-shirts [with] fake CC on it so made me look bad,” she revealed. “And I brought a few ‘celebs’ to shop cuz that was most of clientele so we had a good [laugh at] the buy of T-shirts/jeans.. fake.”

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Accused of Selling Fake Items at Envy Boutique

“Thanks for the tea! How embarrassing with for her. Her fake Chanel bags,” the woman replied.

And after denying having seen fake Chanel bags during her time at Envy, Suzanne confirmed other fake items were on display, pun intended.

“She had tons of the T-shirts of Chanel , Gucci, etc … Such a random buy of clothes … not in season … silly dresses that look super cheap … Just not for my clients,” Suzanne noted of Melissa. “She came in too but pretended didn’t know her esp was meeting up w Tre later.”

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Accused of Selling Cheap Dresses at Envy Boutique

As RHONJ fans may recall, Melissa admitted to being caught selling fake Chanel items in 2018.

“NOTICE: Chanel has informed Envy By Melissa Gorga that all of the Chanel branded goods previously offered and sold by our company were counterfeit and illegal. As such, we have ceased all sales of Chanel branded goods and will not be carrying any such goods in our store in the future,” she wrote in a statement shared on Instagram.

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