RHOBH Recap: Sutton Confronts Dorit for Talking About Her Drinking and Feuds With Annemarie, Kyle Opens Up About Drama With Kathy, Plus Mauricio Reacts to Cheating Rumor

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Recap: Annemarie and Sutton Butt Heads, Sutton Confronts Dorit for Talking About Drinking, and Kyle Opens Up About Losing BFF, Plus Mauricio Reacts to Cheating Rumor

I think it needs to be said that this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is titled “Esopha-gate.” How punny. How fitting. Sutton is still defending her health problems to Kyle and her new puppet, Annemarie, while trying to celebrate the fourth anniversary of her store. Dorit is flabbergasted that Crystal is finally speaking up and speaking out against her, thus causing further issues. The good thing about this group is that when there is a problem, they confront it head-on. The bad thing about this group is that there are A LOT of problems…

Kyle and Mauricio sit down the way two friends who haven’t seen each other in a few months would. Kyle dishes about her THC dinner party: Rumors on the internet. Sutton pushing that Kyle is being secretive about something. Sutton questioning Kyle’s new ring. Garcelle calling it a “make-up band.” Mauricio calls their behavior mean, and Kyle wonders, “Why would anyone be attacking anyone about their marriage?” You mean, do what you’ve done to everyone else for years??

Sutton is celebrating four years in business at her store, and so she is planning an event. Sutton’s business has expanded and it’s growing bigger. There will be a step and repeat at her party, but no food since everyone is on “Octivia” (aka Ozempic). After putting some plans in place for the event, Sutton phones Crystal, and they talk about Kyle attending. Sutton realizes how important it is that Kyle behave, especially after Kyle made dangerous accusations about Sutton’s drinking. Sutton understands that Dorit is also trying to put that out in the universe, and Sutton stresses the importance of “stomping out the rumor” because it can affect SO many things.

Kyle’s therapist and life coach pays a visit to her home. He has been in her life for 20 years, and she gets emotional talking about the family stuff she has been through with her sisters. For 10 years, Kyle and Kathy have been having falling outs due to business ventures and other things that should have been moments of pride, but instead, they turned into fights with Kathy.

Kyle continues to be vulnerable as she discusses the suicide of her oldest and best friend, Lorene. Kyle calls Lorene her other half; they have been best friends since they were seven years old. Kyle shares that Lorene oversaw her will and her children, and she doesn’t know what happened to get to this point. Lorene was the one Kyle would talk to about her sisters, and her therapist reminds Kyle she still needs a safe place even though Lorene is gone.

Kyle is trying to do all the things to make her feel stronger, and now that her marriage is not even her safe place, it has been a truly trying time for her. Kyle is growing and shifting, and it makes me wonder why Kyle wouldn’t be this honest with the group? The ladies would back off and empathize with the situation.

Later, Garcelle goes out to dinner with her son, Jaid, and his girlfriend, Ashlyn. Garcelle is not quite ready to share her son, but Garcelle approves of this relationship, so long as they pump the breaks because they are toooo young.

Annemarie talks about her children and running the household. She shares that she has been married to her husband, Marcellus, for nine years. Annemarie lets the world know that her husband fell in love with her because she is an 8.5 at everything, including looks, which totally sounds like an insult that should NEVER be shared.

We go from a child-crazy household to Erika‘s quiet place. She phones her mother to share some exciting news. Erika has signed her contract for a Vegas residency — 20 shows this year! (And I heard the tickets are cheap — lol). This is an unbelievable feat for her considering all she has been through the last year… good news certainly is welcome.

Sutton’s event is underway, and as Kyle gets ready, she FaceTimes her friend, Morgan. Kyle explains that their relationship is very different because Morgan is constantly flirting with her — I mean, teasing her. Kyle fills Morgan in on the fight she had with Sutton, and Morgan believes that no matter what Kyle does, people are gonna talk.

The ladies trickle into the event, and Annemarie arrives in the typical Housewife uniform of a neon suit. Garcelle is so proud of her bestie, Sutton, and Kyle enters with her sister, Kim, as her date. It seems like a power move to disprove Sutton’s comment, “You’ve already lost two sisters, do you want to lose a third?” Kyle knows exactly what she is doing… and Sutton catches on quickly.

WAIT is that Meghan King Edmonds spotted in the background while Sutton makes her speech?! Is she there to do some snooping? I bet SHE can figure out who started the “Sutton has a drinking problem” rumor…

In front of Kyle, Sutton announces that she is going to make her first drink of the day and mentions she is getting “permission from mom.” Kyle knows exactly what Sutton is getting at, and so she confronts Sutton. Sutton wants Kyle to clarify things, and of course, Kyle wants Sutton to clarify some things she hinted at about her marriage. Sutton lets Kyle know that Garcelle was the one who insinuated Mauricio cheated on her, and Garcelle admits to questioning Kyle’s “make-up band.” In fact, Garcelle is confused as to why Kyle continues to switch her rings up, and she wonders if Kyle would own up to the truth if she needed to…

Dorit jumps in to remind Sutton that she had talked behind Kyle’s back about her marriage, and Sutton surprises Dorit with the rumors she was spreading. Sutton knows Dorit is part of the reason a drinking problem rumor has surfaced, and she knows this because of… Crystal. Sutton lets Dorit know that this is a dangerous accusation, and now that Crystal has finally decided to speak up, she is getting Dorit in trouble, and therefore Dorit is p*ssed.

Sutton and Kyle apologize to each other, and they seemingly make up for their comments made toward one another. Sutton realizes that they both said terrible things to each other, but the fight continues for Dorit.

Dorit demands to know why Crystal is saying *she* is spreading rumors about Sutton. Crystal is finally on the other side of a rambling Dorit interrogation, and after what feels like 30 minutes into Dorit rambling, a boss Crytal states, “I’m bored.” Some confrontation, Dorit. Crystal clarifies that it was Dorit and Kyle talking about Sutton’s drinking, but at this point, what does it matter?

Annemarie leans in to talk about Sutton’s neuropathy and lets Sutton know that she cannot drink while on that medication. Annemarie begins schooling Sutton on mixing medication and drinking. And of course, Kyle brings up Sutton’s small esophagus while she has Annemarie there to speak for her.  According to Annemarie, a narrow esophagus is not a medical diagnosis. Sutton should go get treatment for this, and Annemarie states that Sutton’s way of treating this is by just not eating. This insinuates Sutton has an eating disorder, and down the spiral we go. Kyle is loving this. Sutton ponders why she is at a doctor’s appointment, and she asks Annemarie, “Are we good, doctor?”

Annemarie finds this comment condescending (but she’s been a REAL peach), and Sutton wonders who Annemarie even is. Sutton is ALL of us right now. At the end of all of it, they manage to toast Sutton for her accomplishments. Sutton has had to grow up and she is beyond proud of herself for overcoming… now if only she can figure out how to navigate this group…