Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa Hochstein of Making Threats to “Ruin Him,” Requests Protective Order to Protect Him & Fiancé Katharina From RHOM Star

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Lenny Hochstein files emergency motion against Lisa asking court to prevent ex from making “false statements,” after RHOM star accused him of domestic violence.Lenny Hochstein filed an emergency motion claiming his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, should be stopped from making “false statements.”

A few weeks ago, the self-described “boob god” sued Lisa for alleged defamation – following her claim that he abused her. According to Lisa, Lenny cheated on the Real Housewives of Miami star before dumping her. The alleged mistress, Katharina Nahlik, is now his fiancé.

Lenny recently lodged an emergency motion to seek a hearing to address a possible protective order against his ex, per court docs via Radar Online.

He’s asking the court to make Lisa stop issuing “false statements” concerning himself and Katharina.

Lenny claimed he needed a protective order after hearing of Lisa’s threats. According to Lenny, his ex told a mutual friend that the plastic surgeon should end the defamation suit, or she would “go public with other things that will be very bad for him and are going to ruin him. It is going to ruin his business, and he’s going to go to jail.”

The 57-year-old said his ex “systematically and continuously make[s] false statements and threats about and against LH’s fiancé, Katharina Nahlik (‘KN’) as well.”

“These false statements and threats posted by [Lisa] must also be stopped as [Lisa] continuously encourages the public through her social media to harass, threaten, and cause harm to [Lenny],” said Lenny’s attorney.

Though Lenny acknowledged Lisa’s free-speech protection, he said defamation isn’t her right.

“[Lenny] has sat back for well over two years since separation from [Lisa] and then subsequent divorce proceedings without defending himself against [Lisa’s] lies that she disseminates to the public through her social media and TV show,” said his lawyer. “However, [Lenny] has now decided to draw the line in the sand of his sitting back and taking this abusive conduct without defending himself through this defamation suit.”

Lenny claims his ex “is willing to lie and make false statements publicly as outlined in the defamation lawsuit to try and ruin LH’s career and try to get [Lenny] to go to jail.”

His attorney said, “So clearly whatever lies and statements [Lisa] plans on disseminating are false and solely being made to cause harm to [Lenny] and ensure [Lenny] does not get a fair trial by tainting the public which is the jury pool this case must be heard before.”

He claimed the only way to stop his ex from “doing so is through a protective order preventing her from making any comments to the public, press, media, social media, internet, and using any and all other forms of communication solely to try to ‘destroy LH, his career, his life, etc.’ and taint the jury pool for this case.”

The judge has not yet ruled.