Monica Garcia’s Mom Hints at Why Family Canceled Filming in Bermuda, as Monica Says “Pieces of the Puzzle” Will Be “Put Together” at RHOSLC Season Finale in Cryptic Post

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Monica Garcia’s Mom Hints at Why Bermuda Family Cancelled Filming, as Monica Shares Cryptic Post on RHOSLC Season Finale, & Says “Pieces of The Puzzle” Will Be “Put Together”

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Monica Garcia’s mom Linda shared why she thinks their Bermuda family canceled filming on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Meanwhile, Monica hinted that “pieces of the puzzle” will be “put together” in the season finale — which is now shrouded in mystery.

On the cast trip, Monica disappeared from the sprinter van, proving all legends of the Bermuda Triangle. She was transported to a bathroom, crying because her family – who she hadn’t seen in 30 years – bailed on filming. She suspected that her estranged mom had something to do with it, though her conspiracy theory was later disproven.

“Here’s what I think happened with Monica and our family in Bermuda,” wrote her mother in a December 19 tweet. “Yes, we have family there–my cousins and my uncle. I did not sabotage the meeting. I would never do that. Bermuda is a very small place. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody gossips about everybody.”

“I think my family heard gossip about all the fighting going on with these ladies and wanted nothing to do with the show,” Linda explained. “Or they found the Bravo contract to be too much. Either way, I don’t blame them one bit.”

In her own post on Instagram, Monica addressed the current season.

“Nothing I have done in my life will ever be worse than my affair,” wrote Monica on the same day. “I have been saying from the beginning that you all are going to see everything. All my flaws. All my mistakes. All the bad decisions I’ve ever made. Being exposed like this for the entire world to see is not for the weak. It’s not even for the smart. This journey is for the insane. It’s like putting yourself out there, naked and completely vulnerable.”

She uploaded a photo of herself without clothes, drinking a soda.

“I am so ready for this finale to come out and I honestly cannot wait for you all to see it,” she continued. “Time for all the pieces of the puzzle to be put together.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.