Below Deck Med Fans Spot Editing Error With Captain Sandy Scene, See the Photo

by Barnell Anderson Comments

Below Deck Med Fans Spot Editing Error With Captain Sandy Scene, See the Photo

Reality TV fans have keen eyes for what happens on their favorite shows. Of course, Below Deck Mediterranean is no different, as it has a dedicated audience.

Of course, they tune in for all the drama on the yacht, involving the crew’s run-ins with each other and the random and weird occurrences from the guests. However, there seems to be an editing mistake in a recent scene with Captain Sandy Yawn.

People complain about the editors on multiple reality TV shows. However, the problem is usually due to footage that was left on the cutting room floor. However, sometimes visual mistakes make it to air, and it becomes fun for fans to try and notice.

Many fans on Reddit think they may have spotted an editing mistake in Below Deck Mediterranean.

In this instance, Captain Sandy is seen making a phone call to have Haleigh transferred to see a doctor. However, fans can see her iPhone and see that there is no call in progress. 

One Reddit user had this to say, “This is hilarious, Captain Sandy is supposedly ‘on the phone’ ordering a ride for a crew member to send to the doctor, but her iPhone is lit up, and there’s no call currently in progress.”

However, a few fans came to the show’s defense. Some users pointed out that a call can be in progress while the dial pad is viable. 

Additionally, some viewers pointed out that some scenes for reality TV work better if they are being reenacted instead of the cameras catching them as they happen. Of course, this is fairly common in reality TV. 

Of course, most viewers seem to be having fun with the alleged editing mistake. One Reddit user even said, “That’s called ACTING!”