Andy Cohen Reveals the “Insane” Stipulations Jen Shah Asked for to Do One-on-One Interview as He Claps Back at Her for Saying He is ‘Butt Hurt’ and Denying Heather’s Black Eye Claim on RHOSLC

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Andy Cohen Responds To Jen Shah Saying He Is 'butt hurt' Over Her Not Interviewing With HimJen Shah has been in prison for a while now. However, that hasn’t stopped the former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star from adding her two cents to discussions related to the show.

Most recently, she took to her Instagram to discuss the dramatic RHOSLC finale as well as to say Andy Cohen is holding a grudge. 

Now, Andy is speaking out and calling BS on her claims that he is upset with her. 

The host talked candidly on his Andy Cohen Live radio show. He started by saying, “As someone who was just the victim of an online and phone scam where I lost a lot of money, this message comes at an interesting time.” Of course, he is referring to how he recently fell victim to a banking scam where fraudsters drained two bank accounts.  

He continued, “So, let me just say that. I just need to predicate that I’m a current victim of fraud, which is what she is in jail for. I’m not connecting her, I’m not saying that she’s responsible for it, but I’m just saying it’s ironic…”

He then discusses Heather’s revelation that it was Jen who gave her the black eye. Jen denied this on social media and questioned why the network didn’t air it if it happened. 

Andy said, “I don’t want to be Captain Obvious here, but if we had footage, don’t you think we would’ve aired it? Do you think we wouldn’t have said, ‘Heather.’ Heather’s saying, ‘I don’t know how I got the black eye,’ and then don’t you think we would’ve cut to the footage with a chyron that said, ‘Four hours earlier.’ Pop.”

Perhaps the juiciest part of the clip came when Andy addressed Jen saying he was holding a grudge against her. For context, there had been talks of them doing a one-on-one interview before she went to prison. However, this never happened as she had some intense demands. 

Andy said, “I had forgotten about the one-on-one with Jen. She is right. I did want to do a one-on-one with her. I don’t care about it anymore. I’m over it.”

He continued, “Her stipulations were insane. She wanted, in exchange for this, I’m trying to remember the specifics. I know she wanted us to do a docuseries of her days leading up to jail. She wanted a lot of money, and she was still professing her innocence, so it would’ve been another interview of her sitting across from me lying to my face, which we got at two reunions from her, so that’s that. That’s my response to that.”

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We’re sure Jen will more than likely have more responses to Andy’s comments.