Monica Garcia Addresses Return to RHOSLC, Being Exposed as IG Blogger, and Slams Lisa as “Pressed,” Plus Some Fans Call Her a “Legend” and Others Want Her Fired

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Monica Garcia Addresses Return to RHOSLC, Being Exposed as IG Blogger, and Slams Lisa as "Pressed," Plus Some Fans Call Her a "Legend" and Others Want Her Fired

Monica Garcia responded to a fan question about her potential return to The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on Instagram on Tuesday night, following the drama-filled finale episode of season four.

While also shading Lisa Barlow, 49, as “pressed and stressed” after she accused her of “[spreading] lies,” and seemingly joked about burning bridges, Monica, 40, revealed what she knows about season five as her fans and followers reacted to the season’s last episode with mixed emotions.

“You guys, I have no idea. I have not been asked back so I do not know,” Monica told one of her curious online followers on January 2.

Monica also revealed during her Instagram Live last night that she had to board a separate flight home away from her co-stars after Heather kicked her out of the group, as she had to leave Bermuda at 2 a.m.

In another post, shared to her Instagram Story ahead of the finale, Monica proclaimed, “I’m not f*cking around today,” as she shared a screenshot in which she was seen reacting to a comment left by Lisa.

“And you can’t be a gossip girl when all you do is spread lies,” Lisa had written.

“Yikes. How embarrassing for you,” Monica replied. “Let me help you out. Next time maybe Google some definitions so you don’t look so dumb. Gossip: ‘casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.’ … ‘He became the subject of much local gossip’ Xoxo, Gossip Girl.”

She also added, “Stay pressed and stressed baby gorgeous,” in a hashtag.

RHOSLC Monica Garcia Shades Lisa Barlow as Pressed and Stressed After Claims of Lies

As it was revealed that she was allegedly behind a troll account on the RHOSLC finale, Monica took to her Instagram page with a series of photos and a telling message.

“You know you love me! Xoxo, RVT,” she wrote in the caption of a photo in which she was seen reading a burning newspaper that read, “Warming my hands on the bridges I’ve burned.”

Following the sharing of the post, Monica was met with a bevy of comments from her online audience, some of whom were all for her shocking behavior and others who thought she should be cut from the show.

“I’m sorry you’re in so much pain today.. FROM CARRYING THE ENTIRE SEASON ON YOUR DAMN BACK! Get well soon queen … BRING ON THE REUNION,” one person wrote.

Another said Monica was an “Icon. Legend. Moment. Mother.”

“Ew this would have been something if you didn’t spend half the season crying about them being mean to you [and] being ‘misunderstood’ but now you’re comfortable owning this? Lmao so lame,” someone else reasoned.

A fourth person said, “You’re the kind of woman that makes other women NOT TRUST WOMEN.”

RHOSLC Monica Garcia Receives Backlash After Taking Ownership of Trolling

“LEGEND!!!!!” another Instagram user declared.

Someone else compared Monica’s antics to that of Jen Shah, 50, who is currently serving time behind bars for fraud, and who once called Monica a staffer.

“So funny how [Jen Shah] did 1,000% worse and non of them ever stood up to her but Monica has a troll account to TAKE down Jen and they go bat sh*t crazy on her?!?!!” they asked. “Monica, you carried this season!!! It was so boring before you, thank you!!”

Then, as another said she was “the thirstiest housewife ever,” someone else gave a nod to Monica’s channeling of the narrator from Gossip Girl.

“‘Even gossip girl couldn’t stay gossip girl forever,'” they quoted.

RHOSLC Monica Garcia Slammed as Thirsty After Gossip Girl Nods

As fans continued to weigh in, one person said, “Thank god I’m not one of your kids. I’d be embarrassed,” and labeled her a “one hit wonder,” seemingly in reference to her potential exit from the show.

“Good luck never having a job again,” another agreed.

“I guess she is no better [than] Jen Shah the same circle,” added someone else.

Still, some viewers were impressed.

“Standing ovation. Iconic first season. No notes. Carried the season on your back, looking flawless. We have no choice but to Stan,” one person stated.

Monica Garcia Praised for Carrying RHOSLC on Her Back

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four reunion begins airing next Tuesday, January 9, at 8/7c on Bravo.