Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard Buys Home in Nashville as She Explains Purchase & Shows Off Closing Paperwork

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard Buys Home in Nashville as She Explains Purchase & Shows Off Closing Paperwork

Credit: Mega Agency

Lindsay Hubbard is one of the stars of Summer House. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the best 2023. As fans know, the reality star was engaged to Carl Radke. However, the two separated just months later. However, it seems Lindsay has a bit of good news to share, as she has purchased a home in Nashville. 

Of course, fans are looking forward to seeing more of Lindsay on Summer House, which is slated to begin airing this year. 

However, the latest is that the Summer House star has purchased a house.

She recently took to Instagram to share the good news with her fans. However, Lindsay won’t be staying in the house. Dubbed #HubbHouse, it will serve as a rental property for people who visit Nashville. 

The Instagram post also announced that fans can start renting the property in March, and it showed Lindsay signing the closing paperwork with a glass of champagne. 

As it’s early in the process, Lindsay’s post didn’t specify how long the rental terms would be or give any details about the home. However, it is assumed that this would be a short-term rental for people going to Nashville on vacation. 

Buying this property could be a smart business decision for Lindsay. Lots of people visit Nashville, and the idea of renting from your favorite reality TV star could be a huge draw for many people. Though she’s a public relations specialist by trade, lots of people get involved in real estate. 

However, not all of the comments on her post were positive. Many pointed out that this isn’t a good look because of the economy and the state of the housing market.

One commenter said, “Lindsay I love you on summer house and I’m sure you are a great and genuine person in real life, but advertising that you bought a second house just to rent out in this economy is not a good look.”

Another had this to say, “Air bnb r what is killing the housing market for middle class and lower. I am disappointed in you for this.”

Someone else chimed in and said, “We love slumlords….🙄, everything that’s wrong with the world, the housing crisis is terrible.”

This appears to be her first home.