Lindsay Hubbard on Carl’s Lack of Empathy During 1st Conversation Post-Split, Shares If She’ll Film ‘Summer House’ With Him & How They Communicate, Plus If There’s Hope for Reconciliation, as Captain Lee Shares Why Kyle May Have Impacted Their Split

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Lindsay Hubbard Dishes on Carl’s Lack of Empathy During 1st Conversation Post-Split, Shares If She’ll Film With Him, and If They’re In Touch, Plus If There’s Hope for Reconciliation, as Captain Lee Shares Why Kyle May Have Impacted Their Split

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Lindsay Hubbard is shading her former fiance, Carl Radke, for the lack of empathy and accountability he showed after suddenly calling off their November wedding in August.

As the Summer House star, 37, opened up about her and Carl’s post-split conversation, their current communication, and if they’ll film future scenes together, Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Rosback, 73, a close friend of Carl’s, suspected their co-star, Kyle Cooke, 41, may have been a factor in their split and shaded his past antics against Lindsay.

“You know the guy who really kind of ticks me off in that whole situation? Kyle,” Lee said on a November episode of Salty With Captain Lee, via Us Weekly. “I think he contributed to a certain degree.”

Looking back on a moment from season seven, Lee said he wasn’t a fan of how Kyle spoke to Carl,38, about his now-ex.

“Like that one night he got totally sh*t-faced drunk and called Lindsay everything under the book that you could think of in front of Carl,” he continued. “And Carl sat there and took it and didn’t get all bent out of shape and aggressive on him. Which he had every right to do.”

Lee also criticized Kyle for speaking of the “cracks in the foundation” of Lindsay and Carl’s relationship last month on Watch What Happens Live.

“Then Kyle comes out and says he could see the cracks in the relationship. Wake up, you were part of the cracks,” Lee stated. “You are supposed to be Carl’s best friend, and all you do every waking moment that you’re talking to Carl is badmouthing Lindsay. Is that what friends do?”

“I feel bad for both of them,” he continued. “I think people that don’t know should realize that they don’t know, and they shouldn’t speculate because their words have impact. I don’t know how Kyle and Carl stayed friends.”

As for Lindsay and Carl’s post-split interaction, Lindsay recalled sitting down with Carl before her bachelorette party in September.

“We attempted to sit down right before I went to the Bahamas [on what was supposed to be my bachelorette trip] and he was incapable of taking accountability,” Lindsay told Us Weekly during an interview last month. “I’m not gonna sit through a conversation with somebody who has no empathy or realization or self-awareness to understand what he did.”

“It was a quick in-and-out conversation. But that was it,” she continued. “And other than that, right now, the only time we speak is through text, and it’s when he needs to come to the apartment or when I’m traveling.”

Although Lindsay and Carl are in contact, she confirmed she will not be filming future scenes of Summer House alongside him — especially after he coaxed her into an on-camera split — nor will she be welcoming him home anytime soon.

“At this point in time, I would not be comfortable sharing a house with him after what he did. I mean, this man — I can never trust him again,” she shared. “The way that he called the producers and set up the cameras — [he] blindsided me and humiliated me in such a public way.”

Lindsay also has no interest in getting back together.

“The door is one thousand percent closed in a romantic way. And, for now, in a friendship way [too],” she noted. “Maybe in 10 years, I’ll consider being an acquaintance. But no, it’s closed on him completely for me.”

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or in early 2024.