Monica Garcia’s Mom Suggests Heather Gay is a Hypocrite After Calling Monica a “Liar” Despite Admitting to Lying for Jen Shah on RHOSLC

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Monica Garcia’s Estranged Mother Defends Her against Heather Gay – Shares Post Accusing Heather of Hypocrisy after Lying for Jen Shah

The estranged mother of Monica Garcia defended her against Heather Gay – who suggested in the season finale that Monica should be ousted from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – because she lied about running a gossip page.

In the same breath, Heather admitted that she lied for Jen Shah, a convicted felon who, according to Heather herself, gave her a black eye.

After the episode aired, Linda took to Twitter and defended her daughter – despite their recent feud. She reposted a tweet calling out the hypocrisy of Heather’s judgments.

“@heathergay29 [said] ‘I lied! I covered up [Jen Shah] assaulting me! I lied about #JenShah committing crimes! I lied about believing that Jen was innocent,’” wrote @NameeeeeeN633017, in a tweet shared by Linda. “[But] #Heather [says] to @monicangarcia — ‘you’re a liar!! so you need to leave.’”

In the season finale, Heather had some harsh words for Monica.

“I went on book tour and defended [Jen] and took s— for the fact that she gave me a black eye,” said Heather at the time, via People. “I had to ride hard for [Jen] and I had to lie for her. We’re not going to do it again with you.”

She eventually told Monica to “pack her bags and go.”

“I don’t know how I got the black eye,” Heather stated at the season 3 reunion. “I blacked out. I don’t know what happened. … I cannot speak to anything other than I walked to my room, and I blacked out, and I woke up with a black eye.”

Many fans ask why Heather is allowed to lie – for a felon who was accused of scamming the elderly – but expect Monica to be tarred and feathered for her gossip page.

In the eyes of Heather’s critics, she loves to clutch her pearls, sometimes so tightly that they fall off the chain, tumbling into her free hand – where she can launch them at castmates.