Heather Gay Shares New Theory on How She Got Black Eye, Admits She Was “Shocked” By Fans’ Reactions, and Reveals Who She’s Closest to on RHOSLC Cast, Plus Teases Mary’s Return

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Heather Gay Shares New Theory on Black Eye, Admits She Was "Shocked" By Fans' Reactions, and Reveals Who She's Closest to on RHOSLC Cast, Plus Teases Mary Return

Credit: Randy Shropshire/Bravo

Heather Gay‘s black eye, and how she sustained it, was a storyline fans watched play out for weeks on the recently-aired third season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. And now, even after the two-part reunion, no one’s really sure what happened — including Heather.

During a couple of recent interviews, Heather opened up about what made her “really uncomfortable” during the season, discussed her black eye “theories,” and spoke of her current relationships with her co-stars, as well as her thoughts on the upcoming fourth season and Mary Cosby‘s potential return.

“I had been explaining the black eye since the day I got it as much as I could … I woke up with the black eye, I had a theory that I hit it on the counter. And then I had everyone telling me that they would’ve had footage if that had happened and that the footage would reveal how it happened,” Heather told TV Deets last month. “I assumed that I was on television and that it would reveal itself. But it never did.”

According to Heather, she got “really uncomfortable” with the idea that a narrative was being created that she couldn’t control.

“It felt like they were creating a narrative that I was complicit in but I’ve had no memory,” she explained. “I was scared to say I have no memory because I thought they could say anything. So I played coy and said I remember parts of it because I did have my theories and other people had their theories, but it just didn’t play out well on television.”

Looking back, Heather said she was “shocked” by viewers’ reactions to her injury.

“I didn’t know what would really eventually even be edited because there was so much going on behind the scenes. You know, you wake up on a cast trip surrounded by cameras with a black eye,” she told Life & Style. “There are gonna be a lot of questions, but I just wasn’t really able to — I can’t really speak much about it until the reunion and everything plays out.”

“That’s kind of reality television, the one thing you don’t wanna talk about, everybody’s gonna talk about it,” Heather continued. “I try to stay offline because I try to just focus on the good and it can be pretty crippling when the tide doesn’t go your way. It’s just better to ignore it and focus on the ones that still support you.”

Also in her interview with TV Deets, Heather said that after the conclusion of the RHOSLC season three, she’s ready for some fresh meat.

“I always say more nuts in the trail mix. It makes it better for everybody,” she explained of potential newbies, noting that she’d love Angie Harrington to score a snowflake for season four.

“She and I go back peripherally and she’s just so fun on camera. She’s zany and funny and she’s my friend and so I’m always going to advocate for her,” Heather stated.

Heather is also on good terms with Meredith Marks and claims she and Lisa Barlow don’t have “any beef.”

“I’m closest with Meredith on the whole cast … She’s the kind of friend you wanna have and she’s the kind of friend you hang your hat off,” she gushed.

As for her non-friends on the cast, Heather confirmed she’s taken a step back from her relationship with Jen Shah, saying that after Jen pled guilty, everything “totally changed” in their friendship.

“I’m just waiting to see her make restitution for the victims and just to see that resolved because so much came out that was just so hard to hear,” she shared. “I can only think about the victims at this point and not really give it space.”

And when it comes to Whitney Rose, things are equally tense, especially after Whitney accused Heather of re-following her on Instagram, only after Jen’s sentencing.

“I don’t follow Whitney on Instagram! I felt like that was kind of a petty, dumb thing for her to make a deal,” Heather stated.

She then seemingly shaded her cousin for putting fame ahead of their friendship.

“I think Whitney really likes being a Housewife and she’s going to work really hard to be a Housewife. My friendship with her is not a priority so I wish her well at being a Housewife,” Heather said.

Also during the interview, Heather addressed Mary’s potential return, saying she cannot “confirm or deny” whether it will happen quite yet.

“I know she speaks to Meredith quite a bit and she’s Mary Cosby and she’s never not gonna be in the mix in Salt Lake City but I have not spoken to her,” Heather explained.