Tamra Judge Suggests Heather Gay’s Lying About Black Eye, Suspects It Occurred at Home and Eye Was Red When She Showed Up to RHOSLC Trip

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Tamra Judge Suggests Heather Gay’s Black Eye Occurred at Home

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Tamra Judge is challenging Heather Gay’s mysterious black eye narrative, which has been teased in season three of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

According to Heather herself, she woke up with the injury on a cast trip in San Diego after a night of wild partying. She claimed she couldn’t remember what happened, and she called Jen Shah to help make a cover story.

In the same episode, the star indicated she did know what happened, but she was unwilling to share the information. Castmate Whitney Rose addressed the theory it was Jen, and the assumption is that Heather’s silence is an act of protection before her prison sentencing (amid Jen’s guilty plea for fraud).

As the world wonders who caused the black eye, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra suggested the question was not ‘who’ but ‘when.’

“Heather did something to her eye at home,” asserted Tamra on her Two T’s In A Pod podcast, challenging Heather’s claim that the injury occurred on the trip.

“It was red when she showed up,” Tamra continued, and she declared that Heather was “applying makeup” to “cover-up” the redness of the bruise.

She added, “It takes a couple of days for a bruise to get black like that because it’s the blood draining down. So she had that little thing on her eye.”

The star continued, “So this whole thing p*sses me off because they drug it out for so long, and I feel like it’s just something that happened not even there.”

Now, it seems the audience is even more in the dark as the who, when, where, and why are still floating in Heather’s memory. In a recent Instagram comment, Heather suggested she’ll reveal more information in her upcoming book, Bad Mormon.

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