Heather Gay Suggests She’ll Reveal How She Got Black Eye in New Book as Fans Share Who Might Be to Blame, Plus RHOSLC Season 3 Reunion Looks Revealed

by Adam Ragsdale
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Heather Gay Suggests New Book Addresses Black Eye Mystery, as Fans Share Why Jen Shah Is Perhaps to Blame, Plus Season 3 Reunion Looks Revealed

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Heather Gay suggests her mysterious black eye will be addressed in her upcoming book, Bad Mormon. The star also drew attention to the book’s release date, February 7, which happens to be after Jen Shah’s sentencing date following her guilty plea for fraud.

Many fans of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City believe the clues surrounding the injury are pointing toward Jen. Castmate Whitney Rose also wondered if Jen was responsible, and she suggested Heather might be covering for Jen before the prison sentence is set in stone.

On an Instagram comment, shared by Queens of Bravo, Heather responded to a fan who asked, “How are you talking about this and NOT the black eye situation?!?”

Heather gave a cryptic response, insinuating that “the answer” is located in her book, Bad Mormon, which is “hitting the shelves Feb 7.”

Image credit: @heathergay/Instagram via Queens of Bravo

To many viewers, the book’s release date seems to be conveniently after Jen’s sentencing date, which has been pushed to January 6, 2023, according to Us Weekly.

These fans believe Jen caused the injury, citing that she and Meredith Marks were allegedly the last people with Heather on that wild night in California.

The morning after, when Heather woke up with the black eye — which was swollen shut, as the star showed scratches on her back and arms — she texted Jen to meet her in the room. Although her friend was concerned to see the injury, she soon agreed to assist Heather in finding “a good cover story.”

“I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble, Jen,” said Heather on the show, via Page Six. “So that’s why I need you to help me figure out if someone wants to talk about what really happened last night.”

Throughout the episode, Heather teetered between two different explanations. She seemed to indicate that she couldn’t remember, and then suggested she knew but couldn’t disclose it.

Whitney, who is currently feuding with Heather, expressed in a confessional interview, “I would think it was Jen. Like, what if Heather ticked off Jen, and Jen hit her? Does she think this is gonna be bad for her trial?”

Fans are now sharing their theories on what took place and how the story will play out.

“If we ever find out who caused Heather’s black eye, it will be after Jen’s sentencing…and that’s a big IF,” wrote a Bravo fan account, who also addressed another “theory” that “an injection from Heather’s spa caused this,” but “Heather won’t say bc she wants to protect her brand.”

The user wrote, however, “Do you think Jen would put her neck out for Heather’s spa when even the insinuation that Jen could’ve done this could impact her sentence? Jen would throw Beauty Lab under the bus so fast if she knew that to be the cause.”

“Let’s say Jen truly doesn’t know how it happened, don’t you think she’d be asking over and over what happened vs actively working with Heather to make something up?” the account added, alleging that Jen had “guilty AF body language.”

Though some believe producers were intentionally “not showing us the footage of the fight,” a source told Page Six that the crew is in the dark, just like everyone else.

Meanwhile, Bravo just released the season three reunion looks after cast members recently finished the taping.

Producers seemed to call for warmer tones (despite the winter/snow theme), marking a major difference from last year’s gowns, which were trashed by many fans.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.