Lala Kent Claims Heather Gay Got Black Eye From RHOSLC Co-Star, Talks Encounter With Vicki and Shades Kardashians, Plus Says Jen Didn’t Think of Kids

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Lala Kent Claims Heather Got Black Eye From RHOSLC Co-Star, Shades Kardashians, and Talks Interaction With Vicki, Plus Says Jen Didn't Think of Kids

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Lala Kent shared behind-the-scenes details about Heather Gay‘s black eye on a recent episode of her podcast.

Hours before Heather insisted on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three reunion that she had sustained the injury after blacking out, the Vanderpump Rules star said she heard someone from the cast was involved and addressed a number of other Real Housewives-related topics, including her love of Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Vicki Gunvalson and her issue with Jen Shah.

“I think someone did it [but] I’m not gonna say who I think did it,” Lala began on Give Them Lala‘s January 25 episode.

According to Lala, she received insider information about Heather’s black eye. And after learning that someone “did that to” Heather, she concluded that because Heather was on a cast trip, that someone had to be part of the RHOSLC cast.

“I’ve heard from people behind the scenes that [the faucet] story is not true and someone did that to her… It was on a cast trip. It can only be someone from the cast,” she stated. “How do you hit a faucet and have scratch marks all over your body?”

While Heather maintains that she does not know exactly what happened to her, Lala said that if something similar had gone down on Pump Rules, it would’ve been a very different situation.

“On Vanderpump Rules, we get physical, there are repercussions, heavy repercussion … There’s no way we’d get away with not saying who it was,” she explained. “There would be repercussions for that too. We have to talk about everything.”

Lala can appreciate the way in which she and the Pump Rules cast are held accountable because, as a viewer of reality television, she watches her favorite shows “to see the drama.”

“If I wanted to watch kumbaya, I’d watch f-cking Kardashians,” she shared, throwing a bit of shade at the Hulu series. “I don’t [watch]. The only times I’ve watched is when I see those b-tches fight. And even [when there was drama and] I tried to watch the full episode, I was like, ‘I’m just gonna watch clips.’”

Lala then admitted to being a big fan of Vicki, saying the RHOC star is one of her “most favorite people” and looking back at a run-in she had with her during a plane ride to BravoCon.

“She was sitting right behind me and I said, ‘Hi Vicki,’ and I think she thought I was just a fan so she brushed me off and then realized it was motherf-cking Lala Kent and we had like an hour conversation — it felt like an hour — to the point where like the flight attendant told us, like, ‘You guys have to sit. We’re leaving the gate,’” Lala recalled. “We had like the longest conversation about narcissists and that I need life insurance. That was a big part of it and she was like doing it on the airplane trying to figure it out for me. She’s so funny.”

Lala has even become protective over her fellow Bravolebrity.

“If one more dude breaks her heart, I’m coming for them,” she warned. “‘What are you offering, you freaking scrub? You have Vicki Guvalson alright? Stop moving into her house, eating her food, enjoying her freaking Mexico vacation home!’”

As for Jen’s fraud crimes, which recently resulted in the RHOSLC cast member’s 6.5-year prison sentence, Lala said that if Jen never thought of those she was scamming, many of whom were elderly, she’s a “narcissistic sociopath.”

She then suggested Jen failed to think of her two sons, Sharrieff Jr. and Omar.

“When kids are involved and they had no say in the matter and you just did sh-t without even thinking about them… I’m not throwing any shade at her I’m just saying me, and how I go about life having a kid, like, everything that I do I think about Ocean,” Lala noted. “I’m like ‘How could this impact her?’ ‘What have I said I the past that she could at some point read and go, ‘Oh my God, why did she do all those things, why did she say all those things? Why couldn’t she shut up?’ But then on the flip side, I hope that if she goes through things, which she will, that she never feels like she has to be quiet.”

“I’m wondering if Jen was like, ‘I’m providing for my family. I came from nothing. So I don’t give a damn. I will make sure my kids have an incredible life and I don’t care who I have to affect.’ I’m just trying to understand how she could do those things,” Lala added.

Also on her podcast, Lala admitted to feeling concerned about the future of RHOSLC, which is expected to be without Jen.

“I’m a little worried for [RHOSLC]. I just wonder because [Jen’s] captivating, even before this sh-t happened,” she stated.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 premieres on Wednesday, February 8, at 9/8c on Bravo.