Whitney Rose Hints “Old Faces” Might Be Returning For RHOSLC Season 4, Addresses Status, and Teases “Dynamic Person” Who Will “Ruffle Some Feathers,” Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Whitney Rose Reveals She’s Preparing for Season 4, Teases “Dynamic Person” Who Will “Ruffle Some Feathers,” and Shares Rumor That “Old Faces” Are Coming Back

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Whitney Rose revealed she’s preparing for season four of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which will feature a “very dynamic person” who will “ruffle some feathers.” She also shared a rumor that “old faces” are coming back.

Many fans are worried the show will lose drama with the departure of Jen Shah, who is heading to prison following her guilty plea for fraud. The star, who was perhaps the most dynamic cast member, is set to serve 6.5 years behind bars. As of now, viewers are unaware of who will replace Jen (and how the series will function without her).

On her Wild Rose podcast, Whitney shared that she “can’t say names yet” because it hasn’t been officially announced, but there is a “very, very dynamic person coming on” in the next season. According to Whitney, this cast member is “going to ruffle some feathers.”

Whitney also shared she’s having “stress” from the “anticipation” of the coming season — and she confirmed she’s preparing to film.

Though she teased “new blood” and “new faces,” she then shared a rumor that “old friends” and “old faces” are coming back.

“This year we have new blood coming in, new friends, new faces,” stated Whitney. “There’s rumors that we have some old friends and old faces coming back so… we’ll see.”

On the latest season of the show, Whitney saw the end of her friendship/alliance with cousin Heather Gay. Recently, reports indicated that Lisa Barlow was the only safe cast member, and the other stars’ fate was still undecided. Now, it appears Whitney — at the very least — will return with Lisa.

As for their co-stars, it seems the jury is still out.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s new episode of the RHOSLC season three reunion, which airs at 8/7c on Bravo. Feel free to share your thoughts in our chat below as the episode airs.