RHOM: Lenny Hochstein Claims Lisa’s Abuse Allegations Caused “Financial Losses” to His Plastic Surgery Practice & Could Cost Her Financial Support, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM’s Lenny Hochstein Claims His Plastic Surgery Practice Took Financial Hit After Ex Lisa Hochstein’s “Egregious” Abuse Allegations

Lenny Hochstein is claiming his plastic surgery practice took a hit after Lisa Hochstein said he physically abused her amid their contentious divorce. Following the allegations, Lenny sued her for defamation.

In November, Lisa uploaded an Instagram photo of what seemed to be her bruised arm. She said the injury was two weeks old from last season of Real Housewives of Miami.

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Denies Lisa's Claims of Physical Abuse

According to new court docs obtained by Page Six, Lenny claimed he was hit with “financial losses” with his plastic surgery practice, due to his ex’s “egregious” domestic violence allegations, which he denies.

He claimed it was a “calculated and deliberate plan” to “publicly humiliate” the doctor, his business, and his reputation. Lenny said he lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” after Lisa’s accusations, and now Lisa can no longer “reasonably expect” to receive the same financial support she was accustomed to.

He wants the court to put a gag order on the star, sanction her, and prevent her from future harassment and defamation.

“She attacks me every chance she gets and I have put up with every single lie but when she accused me of being physically abusive I had enough. I am against any form of violence especially against women,” said Lenny on social media after Lisa’s November post.

“I have put up with a lot but I will not sit back and allow someone to say I ever, under any circumstances, would hit a woman.”

He then claimed she cheated on him when they were together.

“I was especially disheartened by the fact that she bragged about her ongoing affair at the time on multiple instances, such as days before our daughter was born and on our 10 year wedding anniversary,” he alleged.

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