RHOBH Recap: Kyle Shares What Drew Her to Morgan & Honors Lorene, PK Calls Dorit’s PTSD High-Maintenance, and Sutton Licks Dorit’s Tongue, Plus Annemarie is Fixated on Sutton’s Small Esophagus

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Shares What Drew Her to Morgan & Honors Lorene, PK Calls Dorit’s PTSD High-Maintenance, and Sutton Licks Dorit’s Tongue, Plus Annemarie is Fixated on Sutton's Small Esophagus

A day trip to Ojai reminds the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that they ARE capable of having fun together. When Kyle poses an out-of-the-blue question about dating women, the ladies are a bit taken aback, considering Kyle’s previous stance on this sort of thing. A PTSD-ridden Dorit is desperate for PK’s attention and understanding, and Annemarie‘s obsession with Sutton‘s esophagus raises many eyebrows, particularly when she brings it up at an event honoring Kyle’s late best friend.

Kyle has planned a day trip to Ojai for Annemarie’s birthday. It seems like every time Annemarie has been around there has been chaos, so a girls’ day out might be a good way to bond, so long as Annemarie quits talking about Sutton’s esophagus…

Garcelle muses how she hasn’t seen all of the group since Crystal’s taco Tuesday, but she has seen Dorit. They hashed out the word “attack,” and Garcelle explains to Sutton that now she is choosing to move on.

They all (except Erika, who has COVID) pile into a sprinter van — here’s hoping there’s as much drama in there as an RHOSLC episode. Annemarie believes that she has had a rocky start with Sutton, but she is open-minded, and things kick off lightheartedly as Sutton discloses that she has scored a second date! Cheers erupt as they arrive in Ojai, and the ladies split up to shop.

Kyle goes on and on about her shopping addiction, and $495 later, she practically cleans out the store and has the workers deliver her shopping bags to the van for her. Typical.

Later, at the wine tasting, a non-alcoholic offering is available for Kyle, and she is truly embracing this new outlook she has on life. She explains that she doesn’t feel that connected to L.A. as much lately, and she feels like one day she will pick a place to live that brings her more happiness.

Over lunch, Kyle decides to pull a typical Housewife move and whips a game out all about girls’ night out topics. Think truth or dare: a mixture of toe sucking, sticking tongues in mouths (both of which were done by Sutton!), and tough questions. One card reads: “What is appropriate for husbands when it comes to communicating with other women on social media?” Kyle shares that Mo gets a lot of DMs from women, and her jealous side shows as she explains she doesn’t like that part of social media at all.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Kyle blurts out, “Would you ever date a woman?” A total random question that knocks the group momentarily silent, and Kyle admits that she would, in fact, be with a woman. A few years ago, Kyle was shocked and slightly judgey about threesomes and girl things, but suddenly, she is open to this? Kyle and Dorit then demonstrate scissoring for the table, which is not your typical lunch behavior, to say the least.

As the game winds down, Kyle talks about the upcoming celebration of life event honoring the passing of her best friend, Lorene, who committed suicide one year ago. Naturally, Morgan, her friend, will be playing music for the event.

Later on, Garcelle is already feeling like her boys are growing up and heading off to college to do their own thing. She wonders out loud what she is going to do with herself once they leave home, and she is questioning how to handle this adjustment. Garcelle tries to start a conversation about sex with the twins, but it ends as most things do with high school boys: with giggles and burps.

Dorit’s therapist comes over to discuss her PTSD. Dorit has decided to bring PK into this session to show him how much she has needed him over the past year after the home invasion. PK wasn’t there for her physically or emotionally, and now Dorit needs him to show up. Dorit gets right into it and tells PK he doesn’t seem to understand the severity of her PTSD. PK is unimpressed and questions if PTSD means you get to be rude to your husband after he plans a surprise anniversary event. PK is offended and annoyed by Dorit’s lack of appreciation and feels like it was a “little bit of a f*ck you.”

PTSD comes from anxiety, something that catches you off guard. The therapist tries to school PK on what Dorit is going through, but PK considers some of the elements more “obnoxious” than PTSD. “When does high-maintenance blend with PTSD?” A little harsh, PK. Dorit feels like PK is reaching, and she tries to tell him how hard it is to deal with the new episodes that are taking over her life. Dorit needs PK, and he’s not giving his all.

Kyle explains that Teddi and Morgan are two people she speaks with every day. She drives with them to the event honoring her late friend Lorene. Kyle openly discusses how she was drawn to Morgan because of her music: the rawness, the honesty. Once at the venue, Kyle drops her event coordinator like a hot potato to listen as Morgan sound checks. Kyle looks on (dare I say lovingly??) until the end of the session, and Morgan then joins Kyle to help with her speech.

Mo is out of town for business, and Kyle coming to this event alone speaks volumes. Kyle is grateful for her daughters and friends like Morgan to lean into. It is a packed house and incredibly emotional as Kyle embraces Lorene’s mom, who becomes emotional.

Annemarie sits down with Garcelle and Crystal, and they have a nice chat until Annemarie abruptly changes the subject to Sutton’s small esophagus. Garcelle asks what we are all thinking: “Why do you care?” Garcelle rattles off a list of things one *could* talk about, and a small esophagus ain’t one of them. Seems like Annemarie is obsessed with this tidbit about Sutton’s health history. She insinuates that Sutton could have an eating disorder, and this strikes a nerve with Crystal.

Garcelle finds her bestie Sutton to warn her that Annemarie is coming for her and her small esophagus. Sutton becomes infuriated. She is an ambassador for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and has lost her father to suicide… This event is particularly close to her heart and tonight is not the night to make drama.

As the night wears on, Kyle and Morgan seem to be getting closer. Morgan poses in a picture with Kyle and Kim, and Kyle feeds Morgan fruit from her skewer. Dorit watches and something clicks: Dorit explains that she met Morgan two years ago in London at a dinner with Kyle and Mo. Come to think of it, that dinner was one of the last times Dorit saw Mo and Kyle as a couple… and that is exactly how rumors start!

Sutton reflects on the passing of her father as Kyle begins her speech about resources and struggling.  She then tells the crowd her history with Lorene: They met in second grade and did not like each other at first. Since then, their friendship bloomed. Just two days before Lorene took her life, she told Kyle to always appreciate her marriage.

Now that Kyle is having a hard time with Mo, she feels like she is letting Lorene down. Kyle has gone through so much this past year, and now she is trying to be happy and not waste her life away. She wants to spend time with those who appreciate her. (A dig at Mo and her sisters? A nod to Morgan?) As hard as it is to talk about Lorene in the past, it is nice to get everyone together to lean on one another through the incredibly difficult time.