RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Says Dorit Kemsley ‘Exaggerated’ Their Past & Suggests They No Longer Have Much in Common After Dorit Claims They Used to Go on Trips Before Morgan

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RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Says Dorit Exaggerated Their Past & Suggests They No Longer Have Much in Common After Dorit Claims They Used to Go on Trips Before Morgan

Kyle Richards has been a mainstay on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for several years. Of course, this means that her friendships with people like Dorit Kemsely have experienced highs and lows.

Unfortunately, now seems to be one of the low points as Dorit feels Kyle’s close friendship with Morgan has divided them. Now, Kyle has responded to what the ladies have been saying about how she has changed over the last couple of years. 

As fans know, Kyle is also going through a divorce, which means many things are changing for the RHOBH star. 

Now, according to Heavy, Kyle used her Amazon Live session to voice how she feels about what Dorit and the other cast members are saying. She starts by discussing how Dorit says they used to travel together all the time and how the cast says she’s now traveling so much without them. 

According to Kyle, they are talking about the same trip time and time again. She says, “My last birthday trip to Mexico that they’ve turned into 12 different trips, apparently. One trip they said was Italy, it was still the same trip to Mexico. All these trips I went on, and the girls talk about this season, it was the one trip.”

Kyle continued, “It makes me laugh. A lot. It was one trip. Yeah, some of the cast, ‘All these trips we weren’t included in.’ It was the one trip that we posted a lot of photos that they just keep talking about.”

She also says that Dorit Exaggerated the trips they went on together in a recent episode of RHOBH by saying, “Kyle and I used to go away once or twice, even more a year. Now I’m not invited on any of her trips.” She also claimed that they used to all go on couple’s trips together. 

Kyle responded to the episode on her Amazon Live by saying, “It shows a trip that we went on once, PK, Dorit, and me and Mau. The four of us with our kids. And then they show another trip. It’s from the show. I’m sorry. I love Dorit, but you’re showing a trip from the show. Let’s not exaggerate the situation. My point is, you’re trying to make it seem like I do all these trips without her now. There’s one trip that we actually did as couples—ever.”

Kyle then goes on to say that she doesn’t have much in common with Dorit anymore. She says, “I love Dorit. But it’s like my friends and I, we’ll work out, we’ll go to the gym, we work out together. Dorit doesn’t like to do that stuff. To put it bluntly, it’s just an exaggeration. Completely.”

She continued, “Her kids are little. Like I said, she doesn’t like to work out so… we’ll try to grab lunch or dinner here and there, and I’m not drinking [alcohol]. I love Dorit, but sometimes things are exaggerated, and it’s a little frustrating.”

Notably, Dorit has also previously said that Kyle’s friendship with Morgan has impacted them. She said to Andy, “Ugh, she’ll kill me, but I feel like the closer she got with Morgan, the further she got from me. But I don’t think I’m the only one [that feels that way]. I’m sorry Kyle, I love you, but that’s the truth, that’s how I feel.”