PHOTOS: RHONY Alum Alex McCord Visits Former Townhouse With Husband and Sons, See Pic of Them in Brooklyn as Fans React

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RHONY Alum Alex McCord Returns to Brooklyn Townhouse With Husband and Sons as She Reflects on That Time in Her Life, and Fans React

“While you are in high school, I am in Brooklyn.”

Alex McCord returned to her infamous Brooklyn townhouse – 10 years after packing her ‘Herman Munster’ shoes and flying away from the US. During her stint on the Real Housewives of New York, she fought the elitism of her costars, who couldn’t be bothered to leave the Upper East Side.

But Alex was a proud resident of Long Island, where she raised her small children with her husband, Simon Van Kempen. Now, their sons Johan and Francois are 18 and 20.

In a January 15 Instagram post, Alex shared a photo of her family at their former Brooklyn home – which was constantly being renovated when they were on the show.

“Some more places and people from our NYC trip,” wrote Alex in the caption. “Impossible to pack 20 years or 16 years or 11 years or 9 years into a week, so we enjoyed every minute.”

She said they also “did some touristy things we had never done before … just because.”

Fans shared their thoughts in the comments.

“Omg look at how grown up Johan and Francois are!” exclaimed one fan. “Beautiful family.”

“My GAWD, they’re your doppelgängers! I see both of you in each [of] those faces,” wrote another.

“Always enjoyed you on the show! Time flies — those boys are so big now! I think one boy favors you, and one favors Simon!” wrote a different user.

Alex McCord With sons Johan and Francois Van Kempen

RHONY Alum Alex McCord poses with sons Johan and Francois van Kempen

Another fan admired how Alex is “still married.” Most of her ‘OG’ costars got divorced.

“Alex, you have not aged a day!” said a different viewer. “Loved you in RHONY.”

Alex now lives in Australia, where her husband was born and raised.