RHOP Recap: Robyn Confronts Candiace Over Comments About Juan, Snubs Her Mother’s Day Brunch as Gizelle is Not Invited, Plus Charrisse Comes in Hot & Nneka Reveals What Jacqueline Allegedly Said About Mia

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Robyn Confronts Candiace Over Online Comments About Juan, Snubs Her Mother's Day Brunch as Gizelle is Not Invited, Plus Charrisse Comes in Hot & Nneka Reveals What Jacqueline Allegedly Said About Mia

On this episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace decides to host a Mother’s Day brunch, but there are a few noticeable absences. Is Wendy avoiding Nneka? Will Robyn and Candiace ever be good together again? Trying to save a friendship is no easy task, but when you mix in husbands, social media, and a TV show, things get even more dicey…

Karen‘s 25-year-old daughter Rayvin is in town to celebrate Karen’s Triple Twenty. In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, Karen has decided to get a tat with her kid because what is a better way to feel young and youthful?! They get matching G’s to commemorate Karen’s mom (but not before dissing Juan and Robyn’s matching tattoos), and they chat about Rayvin’s fast-paced life full of fashion in New York as Karen hollers while getting inked. They also discuss how Karen volunteered Rayvin to share her college experience over a breakfast with Grace, Gizelle‘s daughter. Karen realizes that, in the past, Rayvin has had issues with Gizelle, but now that Karen is in a good place with Gizelle, things should go smoothly.

Candiace has decided to throw a Mother’s Day brunch since many of the ladies within their group have tight bonds with their moms and they all deserve to be celebrated. Candiace brings her mom to meet with the planner/CCO, and they discuss the perfumes that will be there and the invite list. Candiace brings the back-handed compliments, as always, when she says, “Ashley is a raggedy b*tch but she is a good mom,” and she reminds her mom that Gizelle can just stay home because of all the crap she did to her family. When it comes to Robyn, Candiace is not sure whether to extend the invite based on how things were left off with them…

Wendy meets up with two potential talk show producers. Wendy shares how she already let her previous producer go, so she needs to find the right fit for her daytime show. Wendy dives right in with the potential producers talking about her vibe selling her show. Wendy hires this new duo and has big plans of starting right away!

Nneka goes furniture shopping with her sister, Njideka. Their relationship has been hot and cold, but as they’ve gotten older, they have gotten closer. They sip champagne as they peruse the store, discuss Candiace’s Mother’s Day brunch, and even serenade us with sisterly songs from childhood. Njideka calls Nneka a workaholic, and she likens Nneka to her father, a man who literally came from nothing. Nneka knows she should hustle now so she can relax later.

It’s mommy-daughter-double-date time. Although Karen and Gizelle have had their moments, they do bond over being moms and having awesome daughters. Karen talks about how she first met Gizelle and how Grace met Rayvin through Jack and Jill, a historic black organization. They laugh about the Jack and Jill cookie-baking competition and how Gizelle didn’t win (on account of Karen if you ask Gizelle) #memories.

Grace shares that she is going to college in Florida, and she is nervous because she is a bit of a homebody. Rayvin gives some sage advice about becoming your own person, and Gizelle is grateful that Grace has Rayvin as a resource as she navigates this new chapter of her life.

Robyn and the fam roll up to a stretching facility. Robyn explains that her sons are athletes and stretching is important, and while she talks to a (non-listening) Juan, she receives a text from Candiace, inviting Robyn to the Mother’s Day brunch. Robyn is surprised, considering she was resolved to simply coexist with Candiace.  Juan is still on the job hunt, and Robyn talks about spending more time together, which legit puts him to sleep. LOL.

Candiace’s brunch is beautiful, but… empty. Karen is the first to arrive, and she’s solo because she lost her mother a few years ago and Rayvin had to go back to New York. Candiace eventually gets there and points out the perfume bar and all of the special touches. Mia is still feeling emotional after Karen’s event, and she has to come alone because her mom has to work. Mia promises that she’s “good” with her relationship with her mother — or lack thereof. And we learn that Wendy cannot come because she has her book signing and claims she did not know about Candiace’s event until the last minute. But Candiace surmises that Wendy did not come because of the drama with Nneka…

Charrisse talks with Mia about Jacqueline, Mia’s ex-best friend. Through Charrisse, we learn that Jacqueline cried when Mia was brought up because of their estranged relationship. Charrisse also shares that Nneka was at this same event, and when Jacqueline met Nneka, she had nothing but nice things to say about Mia… which is interesting considering that, according to Nneka, Jacqueline carried on for two hours about tea on Mia.

When they sat down to eat, Charrisse gets right in there with Ashley asking her about her divorce. Ashley says she doesn’t feel urgency, and it all seems so final, which is why she hasn’t signed the paperwork. She doesn’t want to be romantic with Michael, but she is not ready to lose his money — er, I mean, cut the tie completely.

Everyone chit-chats as they eat, and Karen, ever the businesswoman, begins talking about her perfume and how Bloomingdale’s hopped on. She invites Nneka to the pop-up, and even though it’s a bit tacky, Candiace doesn’t mind. Candiace talks about Wendy’s absence and how she reached out to Robyn. She lets the ladies know that Robyn felt as though it wasn’t a good move to be in a group setting, before discussing their issues by themselves. As the event wraps up, Candiace, ever the hostess with the mostess, brings everyone inside for an inspirational song on her album that reminds her of what a mother’s love is like toward her daughter.

Later, Candiace awaits Robyn’s arrival to talk through their issues. Candiace still has hope for her friendship with Robyn, and according to Candiace, it’s not that serious… Candiace just stated her opinion… along with the rest of the world.

Candiace wants Robyn to explain what she did to hurt her, and Robyn believes it is self-explanatory. When you see a friend repeatedly spread lies about a personal decision she made that had nothing to do with her, then there’s an issue. Candiace claims she didn’t say what she said to be offensive, but Robyn isn’t buying it. Robyn is unsure who would do that to a FRIEND, and Candiace calls it unfair since she had no idea Robyn was that upset at her.

Robyn gets reminded of the Juan stuff all the time since everyone keeps bringing it up, and Candiace reminds Robyn they are on a show about their lives. Candiace’s biggest issue is that Gizelle, Robyn, and Ashley seemed to be in cahoots plotting something against her husband. Candiace feels like Robyn knew what Gizelle was planning on trying to do, and Candiace is grossed out that she is friends with Gizelle after she did that to her. Candiace feels like Robyn is putting her feelings on her and they are at a stalemate. Making up lies about husbands leads to never wanting to be friends. Candiace leaves, disgruntled, and Robyn looks on emotionless. Could this really be the last straw?