Andy Cohen Explains Why Monica Garcia Isn’t Returning to RHOSLC, Plus Network Exec Says It’s Possible Monica Told a Producer About Reality Von Tease During Casting

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Andy Cohen Shares Reason for Monica Garcia’s “Cooling Off Period,” Plus a Network Exec Claims Monica Perhaps Told The Truth That She Informed Production about Reality Von Tease Page

Andy Cohen revealed the reason for Monica Garcia’s “cooling off period” from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Meanwhile, a network exec claimed Monica perhaps told the truth that she tipped off production to her Reality Von Tease page.

During the final reunion episode, Heather Gay shouted incessantly that Monica was untrustworthy. In the same episode, Heather admitted that she covered for Jen Shah – a convicted criminal – for three years. Heather also falsely suggested that a producer may have given her a black eye.

“The news is out that we are going to have a cooling off period [with Monica],” said Andy on his Radio Andy show. “I think the reunion is the chance to come out, say why you did what you did on the season. It’s the Supreme Court of public opinion…”

“I don’t think she successfully swayed any of [her co-stars] to her side,” he continued. “They all expressed that they very much did not trust her, which is [a] difficult way for her … Basically, what I was also asking is: Is there a path forward for you and Monica? And the answer was no all the way around.”

Because of this, Andy – who had discussed the issue “ad nauseam” – said they decided it was best to “let this one breathe for a while.”

He also hinted that “we’ll see” if Monica builds inroads off-camera with her co-stars.

Around the same time, NBCUniversal exec Noah Samton claimed Monica perhaps told the truth about her Reality Von Tease account.

“In terms of Monica talking to a producer about it at some point during casting, I don’t know, there’s [various] producers, casting producers that somebody might meet [during the process],” said Noah, via @byewighellodrama on Instagram. “Maybe there was a conversation that was never relayed to anybody. I don’t honestly know what that story was.”