Dorinda Medley Says She Doubts Heather Gay’s Black Eye Story on RHOSLC, Feels Something is “Not Tracking” as She Cites What Her Doctor Friend Allegedly Said

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Dorinda Medley Doesn't Believe Heather Gay's Story About the Black Eye, Cites Medical Science for Doubts

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The world can’t stop talking about season four of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Of course, many people are discussing Monica Garcia and how she won’t be back. However, Heather Gay is also a topic of discussion due to the situation with the black eye. Now, Dorinda Medley is chiming in and expressing doubt about the whole story. 

As everyone knows, Heather ended up with a black eye in season three of RHOSLC. At the time, she claimed not to know how she got it and devised a series of stories to explain it. This season, she admitted that Jen gave her the black eye, but she wanted to protect her, so she claimed not to know how it happened.