Erika Jayne Shares Why She’s Hurt Costars Didn’t Apologize After Appeal Win Over $750,000 Earrings in RHOBH Preview

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Erika Jayne Shares Why She’s Hurt That Costars Didn’t Apologize After Court Win Over $750,000 Earrings in RHOBH Preview

Credit: Instagram

Erika Jayne revealed she’s “hurt” that none of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars apologized after a court ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to confiscate her $750,000 earrings – which her estranged husband Tom Girardi supposedly bought with misappropriated funds.

Last season, castmates trampled on Erika, interrogated her over the earrings, and demanded she fork them over. At the time, Erika was angry no one believed her side of the story.

“My intentions in life are to pick up, rebuild, move forward, and be prosperous,” said Erika in a preview of the upcoming episode, shared by @Bravosnarkside on Instagram. “I’m happy that the appeal went in my favor, but I’m still hurt that no one has really come over to me and said, hey, I apologize.”

She then shared why her co-stars’ actions were particularly painful.

“They hurt me the most because I care about them,” she said.

It should be noted that the case is still ongoing as the Trustee was given more time to produce more evidence. The appeal win has yet to become a permanent victory.

When the world was convinced of Erika’s guilt, only a few castmates stood by her. But so far, court rulings have shown Erika’s lack of involvement in the alleged crimes. As for why her co-stars have yet to apologize, perhaps it’s because most of the criticism against Erika was for her seeming lack of empathy toward Tom’s victims, and her refusal to give up some material items to help the victims who are still owed millions.