REPORT: Erika Jayne is Not Getting $750K Earrings Back Yet as Minor Legal Victory is Explained, & She’s Slammed by Attorney for Suggesting She Gets to “Keep” Them, Plus Erika Teases “Big Fight” on RHOBH Season 13

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’REPORT: Erika Jayne is Not Getting $750K Earrings Back Yet as Minor Legal Victory is Explained, & She's Slammed by Attorney for Suggesting She Gets to "Keep" Them, Plus Erika Teases "Big Fight" on RHOBH Season 13

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Erika Jayne suggested on her Instagram page on Wednesday that she’s getting to “keep” the $250,000 earrings she was forced to turn over last year amid estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s bankruptcy proceedings. But according to attorney Ronald Richards, that’s not yet the case.

Following the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s post, the attorney spoke out against her claims as his wife, Lauren Boyette-Richards, the current owner of the bling, denied she is giving the earrings back and Erika teased a big fight that will be seen on season 13.

During a July 17 interview with Ricky Cornish on Twitter, Erika looked back on the RHOBH cast’s trip to Las Vegas, confirming the group saw a showing of Magic Mike Live.

“We did and it turned into a big fight, which you’ll see on television. Somebody got a little, you know, I don’t know, offended. I was like, ‘How?’” she recalled.

Then, when asked how the women ruined such a good time, Erika said they “[wanted] to.”

“You wanna ruin it. You want to say something foul, and you want to say something that ruins everybody’s night. But you know what’s great? I didn’t let it bother me — I kept on going,” Erika stated. “I had a good time. Everybody else was rushing around. I was like, ‘You know what? F-ck y’all. My friends are on this stage. I’m watching them.’ By the way, I had a few cocktails.”

“I was having a great time and that’s what you should do. It’s f-cking Magic Mike,” she added.

As for the drama surrounding Erika’s latest legal victory, Ronald said that the RHOBH cast member is not yet getting her earrings back.

On July 20, after it was reported that Erika had won her appeal, which she filed in July 2022 after being forced to turn the earrings over to Thomas’ bankruptcy trustee, court documents obtained by Page Six confirmed that more evidence is needed in the case.

Although a judge ruled in May that the trustee “failed to show” the jewelry was part of Thomas’ estate, the trustee needs to provide “new evidence” before ownership is changed.

“The trustee needs to resubmit a more robust financial showing supporting the claim that the asset belongs to the estate,” the source explained.

So, when it comes to Erika’s Instagram suggestion, Ronald, who bought the earrings in a December 2022 auction for wife Lauren, believes her post is misleading.

“I am at a loss why Erika and her cohorts are making the claim now ten weeks [after the appeal decision],” he said of the May ruling. “The court remanded the case for further proceedings as it had insufficient evidence before it to uphold the turnover order. This does not mean Erika automatically gets the earrings back or won the appeal.”

“Her reposting of these claims is creating a false record and its destructive towards the buyer of the earrings. There are consequences for impugning the title of the earrings that were lawfully purchased by the buyer,” he continued. “The one thing I can tell you is that they are presently on the buyer’s ears as of five minutes ago.”

And Lauren weighed in as well, saying, “Apparently, I’ve been forced to turn over the infamous million dollar earrings. Does anyone know a good lawyer? This is all according to [Erika Jayne’s] sychophant’s post and she, who is married to a disbarred lawyer.”

“I do NOT have to return the earrings. I do NOT have to pay anyone anything,” she added. “Please hire a lawyer to read all legal documents before YOU all make accusations.”

Although Erika was forced to turn the earrings over last year, due to the fact that they were believed to have been purchased for her with “settlement funds” meant for Thomas’ former clients, she appealed the decision, believing that she is the rightful owner.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is currently in production on additional episodes for season 13, which is expected to begin airing on Bravo sometime later this year.