Teddi Mellencamp Questions Why Heather Gay Can Lie on RHOSLC But Monica Can’t as Tamra Judge Weighs in

by Barnell Anderson Comments

Teddi Mellencamp Wants To Know Why Heather Gay is Allowed to Lie But Monica Can't

Reality TV fans are still reeling over the events of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The word is that there needs to be a ‘cooling off period,’ so Monica won’t be back for season five of the show. However, many are wondering why Heather Gays lie was okay. 

For context, Heather’s black eye has been a major plot point on the show. The problem is that instead of saying that Jen Shah gave it to her, she had a series of stories to blame it on. Unfortunately, one such story essentially blamed it on producers. 

Now, fans aren’t the only people who need answers as to why Heather was permitted to get away with such a lie. Teddi Mellencamp also wants to know. She and Tamra Judge posed the question in the most recent episode of Two T’s In A Pod.

Teddi starts by saying, “Why can Heather lie, but Monica can’t?” Tamara then says, “That’s the million-dollar question.”

Teddi continues, “And she’s saying it’s a joke when she’s saying it to the press.”

Tamra chimes in, “There was an investigation started, and people could have lost their jobs, and that’s not cool.”

They also talked about the video Andy showed at the reunion that included Heather and Jen talking about the black eye. What stood out to them was how shocked Heather looked when Andy mentioned the video. 

Heather apologized at the reunion to everyone involved, including the audience. 

She said, “I’m sorry to you [Andy]. I’m sorry to you guys. I’m sorry to the network, [and] I’m sorry to the audience. I didn’t know how to navigate it myself.”

Still, many people feel that even besides potentially harming the production staff, Heather lied about the black eye for far too long. Additionally, not many people are buying her story about being afraid of Jen. It seems unfair that Heather is fine to return next season when Monica isn’t. Of course, one big difference is that Monica didn’t take as much accountability as Heather.