RHOP Recap: Mia Calls Karen an “Old Dog” Amid Heated Confrontation as Karen Brings Up a Rumor About Mia, Plus Wendy & Eddie Throw a Launch Party for Marijuana Business

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Mia Calls Karen an “Old Dog” Amid Heated Confrontation as Karen Brings Up Rumors About Mia, Plus Wendy & Eddie Throw a Launch Party for Marijuana Business

If you tuned into this episode and wondered if you were watching Project Runway or The Real Housewives of Potomac, you weren’t alone. Gizelle and Ashley are channeling their best Tim Gunn in the fabric store for their GNA athleisure wear line, and we learn through Ashley that Karen is p*ssed with Mia. A Happy Eddie event brings the group together, but not without some issues. And even though Wendy invited Nneka to her husband’s party, it isn’t likely that they will move forward with a friendship.

Now that she is going into business with Ashley, Gizelle is taking absorbent material for the “coochie area” seriously. The athleisure brand is called GNA (a nod to Gizelle and Ashley), and it’s nice to know that Gizelle’s own daughter thinks the name is dumb.

Gizelle and Ashley are planning on a launch party, and they’ve brought Mia and Robyn to the fabric store to help them choose prints and fabrics. They catch up about Surry County and get filled in by Ashley, the first-string invitee who is the only one who attended in that group. They laugh over Karen’s second group invitations, and Ashley LOVES letting Mia know that she made Karen mad with her response. Mia makes it clear she doesn’t do second string, and she feels no remorse for telling Karen no.

They discuss Wendy’s husband’s upcoming event for Happy Eddie, his new weed company, and they realize that Nneka was actually invited by Wendy, her alleged arch-nemesis. It may be an olive branch for Nneka, but her husband, Iyke, did not make the cut.

Speaking of Nneka, we learn that although she may be a lawyer by trade, every day she is hustling. Take, for instance, her sparkling wine collection, Bido. Nneka explains that Bido may taste like champagne, but it’s not from Champagne… and it’s affordable.

Lebe and Nneka’s infamous friends arrive at her house and pull up chairs amidst the boxes Nneka has yet to unpack. Despite tackling this new house business solo because Iyke is still doing traveling medicine, Nneka believes that an unpacking pajama party would be a fabulous idea. They muse if Wendy will be in attendance, and her friends warn Nneka that when she goes to the Happy Eddie event, she will be on Wendy’s turf.

Candiace is a busy lady, in the middle of singing and acting, and she lets Chris know she needs her calming marijuana pre-roll. She will attend the Happy Eddie event for a bit, but Chris will be left to fend for himself against “forehead” and “ankles.” What low blows from Candiace. Chris explains that he will be nice… enough… plus everyone will likely be high so there’s that.

Eddie and Wendy head into the dispensary for the big Happy Eddie event. It’s going well until Wendy realizes there is no actual marijuana available. Instead, the party attendees will be rolling oregano to learn the technique. The reality that no one will be high is causing Wendy some angst. Candiace pops in and out, leaves Chris, and when Ashley arrives on the scene, Chris tenses up. Ashley makes it clear that he “has no place in her world.”

The group rolls in, and Karen takes a moment with Mia to ask her about her response to her invite. Mia repeats how she refuses to be second string, and she tells Karen that she can’t be upset with her when Karen was the rude one extending an invite 12 hours before the event.

Karen and Mia exchange digs about boring lives, and Karen thought that after the hug she had with Mia, they had a moment. This type of behavior from Mia is causing Karen to scratch her head. Mia tells Karen that she’s an “old dog that needs to find some new tricks.” Karen is appalled by this.

When Gizelle walks in, Mia tells her to fix her friend, Karen. Things are tense between Mia and Karen, but once everyone arrives, they take a seat at the table to begin the herb-rolling sesh. Gizelle explains that she hasn’t seen Chris since the reunion, and it looks like he’s gained some weight. The shade…

Eddie says a few words about his new venture with weed, and Mia talks about Eddie not having a real job since she has met him, but she sure is happy to have a pot hook-up. These ladies are ticked off that this is “fake a*s weed,” but they do produce some good-looking joints. Wendy is thrilled to hear the group actually laughing for once, and when Gordon leaves, Robyn does a check-in with Mia. Mia talks about how she wants to clock out, but she can’t leave him because of the situation he is now in legally.

Nneka asks to speak to Wendy aside and thanks her for the invite. Nneka asks for the opportunity for some one-on-one time with Wendy, but Wendy wants to be sure everything is sincere with Nneka. Nneka explains that to *not* skip all the steps Wendy claims Nneka did when she invited her to her unpacking party, step one would be sitting down for a private convo. Nneka is confused by Wendy’s mixed signals because Wendy is not giving her an inch.

Mia and Gordon take advice from their therapist and go out for a day date (since they don’t have a nanny, in case you somehow forgot, despite Mia’s constant complaining about it). The hope is by spending quality time, they will be able to fix their relationship. Mia feels like Gordon’s family life is impacting their relationship, but Gordon lets Mia know she cut him deep and hard.

Mia feels as though there is no self-accountability with his siblings and wonders how Gordon doesn’t see the role he played in the sequence of downfalling events. Gordon states that all Mia says he did wrong was that he “wasn’t listening.” He claims he didn’t know that Mia was talking about divorce until he saw the receipts from the lawyer. When Mia cites a hostile home environment, Gordon makes her clarify what she meant by saying it was emotionally draining, yet Mia has stayed… because Gordon has changed?

The convo switches to Ashley and Michael and their impending divorce. They laugh about whether they believe it will actually happen because why give up the sugar daddy? When they talk about what their divorce might look like, Gordon explains they would work out a mutually beneficial arrangement and find a deal that makes sense and works out for both of them. Why would they split up? Mia claims that no amount of money would keep a person in “captivity,” but Gordon seems to think otherwise…

All the girls are invited to Nneka’s unpacking pajama party, even Wendy, but it’s doubtful she will attend. It turns out that Wendy asked her friends to deliver the message she will not be coming because she can’t seem to forget how hot Nneka chose to enter the group.

While Nneka pushes Bido and boxes on the ladies, Gizelle asks Karen if she is good with Mia. Karen reminds Mia that she brought her into the group, but Mia won’t let go of the fact that Karen chose her second. She tells Karen that “it takes a trick to know a trick,” but Karen believes that Mia just wants her life. Karen points out that the rumors spread about her over the years are BS, but she does point out, “I never came after your marriage when I heard you met up with a rapper.  I also could have said you’re f*cking a married man. But I never did because it’s dangerous and a rumor.” Karen knows she would never name anyone, but she lets it be known that Mia is openly dating… and in her confessional, Mia states, “First of all, he’s not a rapper.”

Mia says that Gordon is the only married man she has ever had sex with, which is why Karen didn’t bring it to the group. Nneka breaks up the discussion by starting a rousing game of “never have I ever.” Karen gets called out by Robyn for having Robyn’s family pic on her camera roll, and now everyone is wondering if Karen has a thing for Robyn’s dad? A toast is had, and it ends when Nneka is called the “Princess of Potomac,” which you know will not sit well with everyone…