Emily Simpson Questions Ariana Madix’s Hate For Tom Schwartz, and Wonders How Long Ariana and Tom Sandoval Were ‘Checked Out’ of Relationship

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Emily Simpson Questions Ariana Madix's Hate For Tom Schwartz, and Wonders How Long Ariana and Tom Were 'Checked Out' of Relationship

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It seems the Vanderpump Rules popularity didn’t die with the ‘Scandoval’ situation of last season.

Everyone’s talking about the show, including Teddi Mellencamp and Emily Simpson. The two recently took to their new podcast, Two Ts Presents: Popping Off with Teddi Mellencamp and Emily Simpson, to discuss the show. One of the things they discussed was Ariana‘s hate for Tom Schwartz

For context, the other Tom is best friends with Ariana’s ex, Tom. She has said that she believes he knew about the affair and therefore cannot be friends with him. Ariana has also made it clear she doesn’t want to be friends with anyone who remains friends with her ex. 

According to Reality Tea, Teddi and Emily were discussing the situation. Teddi wondered how both Ariana and Tom were able to move on so fast after the whole thing ended. She also said, “I also wonder how long … both Ariana and Tom were completely checked out of this relationship.”

Of course, both Tom and Ariana are currently dating other people. 

Emily had this to say, “Okay, but if they were both so completely checked out, then why so much hatred? Like, especially towards Shorts.”

The two then joke about the intentional mispronunciation of his last name. 

Teddi responded, “I think there was already problems that they were trying to hide from the cameras for a very long time. It’s just my assumption.”

Emily then asked, “You’re saying they just kind of glossed over it, hid it, so it makes it look like it came out of nowhere?”

Of course, it is entirely possible that both Tom and Ariana wanted to break up before the cheating was exposed. However, Emily is also right, as Ariana does seem really angry with the other Tom. We also can’t forget the angry text message she sent him after he appeared on Watch What Happens Live. However, perhaps it’s normal to not want to be friends with a person who also happens to be friends with an ex who cheated on you.