Vicki Gunvalson Reveals When John Janssen Went “Crickets” on Shannon Beador & Accuses Him of Using Alexis, Plus She Talks Friendship Collapsing With Tamra

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Vicki Gunvalson Reveals When John Janssen Went “Crickets” on Shannon Beador & Accuses Him of Using Alexis, Plus Shares Why Her Friendship Collapsed With Tamra

Vicki Gunvalson revealed when John Janssen went “crickets” on ex-girlfriend Shannon Beador, and she shaded his “gross” new relationship with Alexis Bellino – who returned as a ‘friend’ to Real Housewives of Orange County.

Vicki also revealed why her friendship collapsed with Tamra Judge, who exited Vicki and Shannon’s ‘Tres Amigas’ show amid her recent drama with Shannon.

According to Vicki, John supported Shannon after her DUI as the paparazzi swarmed her home. Vicki then offered to let Shannon stay in her own house in Coto de Caza, a gated community that would prevent paparazzi.

“After [Shannon] went to Coto, [John] was crickets,” said Vicki on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. “Then … supposedly Alexis and John met at A’s, which is a watering hole in Newport Beach that everybody used to go to.”

“The next thing you know they’re madly in love and she’s got a promise ring like a day later,” Vicki went on. “John wants to ‘redeem himself’ on the show because I guess there was a bad connotation of him, I don’t know … he’s using Alexis to supposedly redeem himself.”

Vicki declared that if John’s truly “in love” with Alexis, he should “go away” and “get off social media” because “nobody needs to know about you guys.”

“And [Alexis] is using that as a platform,” she added. “It’s way too much. It’s called love bombing … Brooks [Ayers] did it to me and I was hook, line, and sinker … You can’t love somebody after a week [or two] of dating.”

Vicki called it “gross,” and she accused the couple of “rubbing it in Shannon’s face.” She also “doubt[s]” that Alexis would have been asked back to RHOC if she weren’t dating John, as she was just a “one-season wonder” with “no real substance.”

She then shared more info about her feud with Tamra, who exited their ‘Tres Amigas’ show.

“This [DUI] situation happened with Shannon, and Tamra didn’t really want to do the Phoenix show but we did it, we were a big success, we sold out,” said Vicki. “And then while she was in Scotland [filming The Traitors], I guess she had second thoughts and came back and called [our manager] Paris — not Shannon or I — and said, ‘I don’t want to be part of it anymore.’ And I have not talked to Tamra since Phoenix.”

Vicki claimed Tamra texted her with the question: “‘Are you ignoring me?'”

“[There was] back and forth but there was no conversation. She never said ‘I’m out’ and I find that really hurtful because I thought we were in [Tres Amigas] together and she’s like ‘I’m really busy.’ I’m like, ‘We’re all busy.'”

Host Jeff Lewis shared Tamra’s claim that she was “very clear from the beginning” that she “couldn’t commit to all the shows.”

“There wasn’t any commitment of any shows,” Vicki clapped back. “We said we will schedule them when we’re all available. I’m just as busy if not busier than her … We didn’t even have any other shows booked.”

Vicki denied Tamra’s assertion that she and Shannon were talking behind Tamra’s back.

“I said, ‘No, it’s actually in front of you,'” explained Vicki. According to the alum, Tamra and Shannon’s social media manager Caden told Tamra that Shannon and Vicki were talking badly about her.

“He was hearing things from Shannon and sending it over to Tamra and not confronting Shannon directly,” she said. “He would never do my social media. He’s a troublemaker.”

Vicki indicated that Tamra is making Shannon’s DUI “her problem” and “her issue,” claiming they “shouldn’t do the show because of that.”

She also shaded Tamra for calling Teddi Mellencamp a better friend.

“You’ve known Teddi Mellencamp for however many years. You’ve known me for 13, 14,” said Vicki. “Don’t compare me to Teddi Mellencamp. Ever!”

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